Dew Architecture helps Ground Cloud Services

September 17, 2015 Off By Hoofer
Zerto Gartner Report

Grazed from ScientificComputing. Author: David Bradley.

The most obvious disadvantage of putting your data in the cloud is losing access when you have no Internet connection. According to research published in the International Journal of Cloud Computing, this is where “dew” could help. Yingwei Wang of the Department of Computer Science, at the University of Prince Edward Island, Charlottetown, Canada, describes what he refers to as a “cloud-dew” architecture that offers an “efficient and elegant way” to counteract cloud downtime and communication difficulties.

In the world of cloud computing, users and organizations keep their data in the cloud, users access the data from their computer, which means their data is mobile and can be accessed from any computer…but only as long as an Internet connection is available. The problem with this arrangement is that the user relies heavily on an Internet connection and the cloud servers, Wang explains…

“If any problem happens with the servers or an Internet connection is not available, the user cannot access their data,” he says…

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