Don’t toss data center best practices when managing cloud services

September 17, 2015 Off By Hoofer

Grazed from TechTarget. Author: Jason Sparapani.

It’s a given — you need to make changes when moving IT operations to the public cloud. There are new management tasks you need to emphasize, new processes you need to implement, new technologies you need to bring in. But you don’t need to change everything. “There’s a whole set of things that you’ve been doing for decades in the data center that don’t go away,” said Mindy Cancila, an analyst at Gartner, at the recent Gartner Catalyst Conference in San Diego.

“They look a little different with public cloud adoption, so you’re going to have to evolve those traditional management procedures into a public cloud environment.” Among those data center best practices are creating templates to determine how deployments should be carried out, development and test procedures and data governance polices…

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