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Established in 2010, CloudCow is an online publication dedicated to the next generation data center environment. It is recognized as one of the leading authorities in cloud computing information.CloudCow is a comprehensive resource for cloud computing news, analysis and information. The online publication provides IT professionals and executives with access to the latest information needed to make cloud computing and IT business decisions within their respective organizations.Learn who the key players are in the industry, which products stand out above the rest, how the various technologies work, and how cloud computing is being used today in real-world environments. Hear from industry experts and executives, and access the latest news, articles, tips, white papers and Webinars covering all aspects of cloud computing.Follow us on Twitter at @cloudcowmedia and join our 7,000 followers. Make sure to join us on the CloudCow Facebook page with our 500+ community members.

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For the technology vendor, services and consulting community, CloudCow.com is a potent vehicle for reaching discerning buyers of hardware, software and services in the virtualization and cloud computing marketplace. This Website provides information to help corporations make crucial decisions about their infrastructure, their hardware and software selections, migration, disaster recovery planning, storage, security, application delivery, management and training while leveraging virtualization and cloud computing.

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Does it make sense to send CloudCow a contributed article to be published on this Website? Of course it does! This site gets tons of traffic from end users, organizations, small business owners, entrepreneurs – basically, we service a niche audience comprised of anyone who is interested in cloud computing technology. In fact, it is regarded as one of the best sites for learning about and gathering information on the subject.

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