Time to get your cloud network architecture ready

September 17, 2015 Off By Hoofer

Grazed from TechTarget. Author: David Linthicum.

As modern enterprise networks move into the world of public cloud computing, certain facts come to light. One is that enterprise network managers are forced to work with public cloud providers to ensure that the network continues to support the needs of the business. This means that some IT fundamentals are undergoing change.

First, cloud network architectures need to be more flexible: Static networks drastically limit the use of cloud. Second, network services need to be decoupled from a single physical location, since the delivery of data, compute and user interfaces are now ubiquitous. Finally, many network resources need to be abstracted so provisioning can be automated and orchestrated…

The reality is that many enterprises are not ready to leverage public or hybrid clouds. Over the years, enterprise network infrastructure hasn’t received the funding needed to upgrade the infrastructure to support the necessary speed and management layers…

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