What’s New in the Cloud for Asset Managers?

July 18, 2018 Off By Hoofer
Article Written by Avery Phillips

The cloud is without a doubt transforming the world of asset management. With new breakthroughs every year, the cloud is proving itself to be the best pathway for asset management software to go in their endeavors. Part of using something to its fullest potential, however, is being up to date on its capabilities, and as has been covered before on Cloud Cow, the cloud is being used in enterprise asset management (management of physical and non-physical assets) fairly frequently nowadays. 

Here’s the lowdown on what advancements are being made due to asset management and how you can become a part of the movement pushing it further by using the cloud.

Proper Asset Disposal Is Necessary Moving Into a New Era

With the cloud becoming particularly popular, there is less need for old devices that we used to store important information. The proper and legal way to dispose of these assets changes wherever you go, but if you’re doing business overseas, your employees and partners will need to comply with the legal requirements wherever they apply. Now, with the cloud there is less of a worry regarding losing one’s information to a device, but still the need to keep track of such data and know where to find it. While we move into the future, make sure you are effectively erasing this data from specific devices before destroying or disposing of them.

The "Save" Button Is Now Automated

Do you remember typing up reports in spreadsheets and documents and the dread you felt if you ever forgot to "save" one of them? The cloud has automated that job more than any "autosave" function ever could have. For one, the autosave function seems to be more frequent in cloud programs. Secondly, you are saving it to a place that’s accessible from other devices. So if something should happen to your device, you don’t have to worry about finding the one backup you have hidden somewhere. Rather, it’s in the system.

New Territories the Cloud Is Taking Over

As information sciences continue to change the world in general, the cloud is becoming one of its most powerful tools. The cloud is currently eliminating the need for many physical backup devices and transfer methods, despite the fact that small and medium businesses sometimes opt for old methods. For instance, USB drives are not necessary the way they used to be in transferring information from one device to another. We can expect to see the cloud continue wiping out industry giants this way; however if they want to survive, they may have to adapt to using the cloud themselves, such as Service Now. This itself could lead to great innovation.


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