Viptela Founding Team Launches Prosimo with $25 Million in Venture Funding to Modernize the Infrastructure Stack for Multi-Cloud

April 7, 2021 Off By Hoofer

Prosimo emerged from stealth to modernize application delivery for the multi-cloud world and formally launched its Application eXperience Infrastructure (AXI) platform. With the Prosimo AXI platform, cloud architects and security teams have a single, vertically integrated infrastructure stack to deliver an application experience that is exemplary, with embedded security. Prosimo customers include Fortune 500 companies, tier-1 service providers, and global partners.

The company also announced $25 million in seed and Series A funding co-led by General Catalyst and WRVI Capital with participation from Nepenthe Capital. Dr. Steve Herrod, managing director at General Catalyst, and Lip-Bu Tan, managing partner at WRVI Capital, have joined the board.The Prosimo leadership team has a history of start-up success, as co-founders Ramesh Prabagaran (CEO) and Nehal Bhau (CTO) were part of the founding team at Viptela and were subsequently responsible for product and engineering respectively for the fast-growing SD-WAN business at Cisco. Co-founders Linus Aranha and Pradeep Aragonda bring deep technical and product expertise for the modern cloud stack.

Modern applications are diverse, fragmented, highly distributed, and increasingly becoming cloud native. They are also often spread across various cloud providers and on-premises infrastructures creating a truly multi-cloud environment. The enterprise workforce and customers alike access applications from home, remote offices, customer sites, or on the road. Additionally, applications and cloud services are now being cross-connected to deliver new capabilities. The result is a subpar user experience with major security gaps and, unfortunately, cloud architects, operations, and security teams are under pressure to make everything work without the tools to accurately measure and deliver the required application experience.

Prosimo is leveraging its venture capital backing to transform enterprise infrastructure. Prosimo AXI is the first platform built to make infrastructure transparent and secure. Traditional, siloed approaches have become a losing proposition as networking, security, application delivery, and observability cannot operate independently of each other in the cloud. Through a vertically integrated stack, Prosimo handles both user-to-app and app-to-app requirements, preventing multiple fragmented initiatives in the cloud. One infrastructure stack handles everything – provides secure access, app experience, real-time insights, and quantified recommendations for multi-cloud. The Prosimo AXI platform is powered by machine learning and works with the platform’s Application-driven Intelligent Results engine (AIR) and AXI Edge.

“Our mission is to make infrastructure transparent and secure and to deliver multi-cloud apps with the experience required at scale and controlled by the customer,” said Ramesh Prabagaran, co-founder and CEO of Prosimo. “A new architecture will define how applications should be delivered, especially from the cloud – we are set to lead this trend to help enterprises meet the ever-changing needs of cloud applications. We are humbled to see large enterprises validate our vision by taking steps to modernize their stack.”

The Prosimo SLA | A new way to measure success

In addition to unveiling its new approach to modernizing the infrastructure stack for cloud applications, Prosimo understands the importance of creating a new way to measure success – the Prosimo Service Level Agreement (SLA).

Prosimo is focused on outcomes driven through SLAs and provides a per application SLA that includes secure access and optimized connectivity while managing cost. Customers have experienced:

  • Up to 90% improvement in page load with improved app performance
  • 99% reduction in attack surface with increased security
  • Up to 60% savings in cloud spend
  • Up to 90% reduction in deployment time

The Prosimo AXI platform vertically integrates the infrastructure stack and focuses on solving key problems for enterprise customers. Customers can use the platform to:

  • Accelerate multi-cloud adoption by improving app experience by up to 90 percent in less than five minutes. The apps run the gamut from web apps, R&D suite, VDI, and data lakes to modern Kubernetes/service mesh, private PaaS services (S3, block storage), etc.
  • Enable work from anywhere for the workforce and business partners, while still providing the security and app experience they demand.
  • Drive application delivery modernization across multi-cloud and hybrid-cloud environments, irrespective of the underlying type of application.

Prosimo ends the all-too-common fragmented approach to the cloud for enterprise customers. The platform provides the solution for multi-cloud networking, Zero Trust with Identity Aware Proxy, app micro-segmentation, access to lift-and-shift VMware on AWS, Azure or GCP, app-infrastructure modernization for Kubernetes and service mesh apps, and more.