Sunlight Partners with LanternEdge to Unlock True Edge Computing Performance with HCI

April 7, 2021 Off By David

Sunlight, a developer of virtualization technology for data-intensive applications, announced a technology partnership with LanternEdge, a provider of technologies that enable intelligence in harsh and hazardous environments. Bringing together Sunlight’s HCI stack and LanternEdge’s HarshPro Servers, this partnership will enable enterprises to take advantage of all the high-performance benefits edge computing has to offer, regardless of environmental conditions.

Edge computing reduces latency and data transmission costs incurred by traditional cloud computing, but not all enterprises are equipped with the right infrastructure to meet the power, performance and environmental demands of the edge and therefore cannot truly reap the benefits. Hyperconvergence allows for scalability, security, high availability, efficient deployment, and ultimately lower costs, helping to optimize rugged edge computing environments.

Pairing the Sunlight HCI stack with the LanternEdge HarshPro IP66 Server allows for a fully optimized HCI experience and data center grade edge computing in extreme or inhospitable environments, such as factory floors or oil rigs. The HarshPro IP66 Server brings the best out of the Sunlight HCI stack, allowing enterprises to do more with less equipment, reduced overhead, and significant cost savings.

“With the exponential boom of AI, analytics and IoT technology, edge computing is quickly becoming a necessity to process massive streams of data close to the source. However, this creates new pressures on infrastructures at the edge that come with their own challenges,” said Julian Chesterfield, founder and CEO at Sunlight. “Many enterprises would benefit from the simplicity of HCI at the edge, which combines compute, storage, networking and management into a single virtualized system to reduce complexity and increase scalability – whereas traditional HCI is too bloated – Sunlight’s tiny footprint makes it perfect for the task.”

The Sunlight HCI stack is uniquely suited to virtualize energy efficient processors, such as Intel Xeon-D and ARM, without consuming all the system resources. It also enables applications to provide consistent bare metal performance for NVMe storage and fast networking wherever it is installed, including on-premises, in the cloud, or at the edge. Given the increasing number of edge environments in harsh locations, the HarshPro IP66 Server is ruggedly designed with a powerful Intel® Xeon®-D processor that is engineered to work in conditions where other servers fail.

“Sunlight’s power and performance are a natural fit with the HarshPro Server range, enabling enterprises to deploy high-performance data processing capabilities in harsh & hazardous edge environments,” said Mark Mooney, COO at LanternEdge. “For example, HarshPro Servers with Sunlight HCI make it possible to bring the security and manageability of HCI to manufacturing plants, refineries or where there might be waterproof or dustproof requirements. With the need to extend ML/AI to these environments, the HarshPro Server’s support for high capacity GPUs and Sunlight’s HCI means there truly is convergence from the data center to the edge. We’re excited to see Sunlight and HarshPro Servers work hand in hand to help solve these challenges.”