Tips To Keep Your Business Safe From Data Theft

Tips To Keep Your Business Safe From Data Theft

March 23, 2023 0 By Hoofer

Most businesses today rely on digital information for essential operations. User data, financial information, and passwords can easily fall into the wrong hands. Management must treat their digital assets carefully to ensure they aren’t compromised.

Malicious individuals will try to get their hands on any digital information stored electronically across your network. Remember these tips to keep your business safe from data theft so that you don’t fall victim to their attempts.

Secure Credentials

The first step to preventing data theft is to track access to electronic systems so that you always know who’s accessing what, when, and for what purpose. Most data breaches occur because of weak password management, so it’s essential to have strict user-level policies in place.

Employee passwords should be long and complicated to prevent malicious actors from guessing them or brute forcing them. They should be changed regularly and never saved in the cloud. Consider implementing a password management solution to make it easier for employees to keep up.

Ensure Proper Disposal

Data stored in electronic devices should be securely wiped or destroyed before disposal. Even once deleted, malicious actors can still retrieve digital information from most devices. This issue is especially prevalent since businesses are legally required to protect their customers’ data.

A third-party data disposal service will have everything necessary to ensure secure data destruction. They offer certified destruction and wiping, allowing you to maximize your ROI. Knowing how shredding services help prevent identity theft will give you a leg up when dealing with malicious actors.

Prioritize Regular Backups

You never know when an accident might happen. It’s essential for businesses that rely on data for their internal operations to have a backup solution in place in case key information is lost, stolen, or destroyed. If something goes wrong, a solid backup solution will save you time and money.

Most businesses employ the 3-2-1 backup rule. They implement three backups consisting of two onsite options and one offsite method. Onsite backups should never use flash medium because it can unexpectedly degrade. For offsites, you must account for geolocation in case of natural disasters or other localized events.

Stay Up to Date With the Latest Digital Best Practices

The world of digital security is constantly changing. What works for you today may not be enough a year from now. That’s why it’s so important to keep up with the latest trends in the industry.

These tips to keep your business safe from data theft are a good place to start building your digital security policy.