ThoughtSpot Announces Partnership with Google Cloud Platform to Deliver Multi-Cloud Analytics for the Enterprise

November 15, 2018 0 By Hoofer

ThoughtSpot announced a partnership with Google Cloud to deliver multi-cloud analytics to the enterprise. As part of this partnership, ThoughtSpot has been certified to run its in-memory calculation engine Falcon, one of the fastest in the industry, on Google Cloud Platform, and announced new integrations with Google Cloud Machine Learning Engine to simplify machine learning and data science workflows.

Harnessing the Power of Multiple Clouds

Cloud technologies are reshaping every industry by streamlining operations, reducing inefficiencies, and unlocking completely new opportunities for organizations. As cloud technologies proliferate, however, enterprises face a new set of challenges in managing and harnessing the collective power of their multiple clouds. ThoughtSpot breaks these barriers by enabling enterprises to analyze data across their public cloud, private cloud, and on premise environments.

Benefits include:

  • Unlock the Stack: By running on multiple public clouds, private clouds, and on premise environments, ThoughtSpot gives enterprises the flexibility to choose the right infrastructure for their specific data needs.
  • Single Source of Truth: Instead of different teams and departments analyzing different slices of data, ThoughtSpot enables everyone in an organization to analyze the totality of the company’s data at once for a single source of truth.
  • Future Proof the Cloud: As new cloud technologies inevitably become available, ThoughtSpot enables enterprises to easily integrate these into their analytics without extensive rearchitecting.

Merging Machine Learning and Self-Service Analytics

In addition to working with Google Cloud Platform to bring multi-cloud analytics to the enterprise, the new partnership will include new integrations with Google Cloud Machine Learning Engine to improve efficiency for data science teams, while making insights derived from data science searchable in seconds.

  • Streamlined Data Science: Data science teams can quickly test and deploy CMLE algorithms and incorporate them into their data models.
  • Bring Data Science to Business Users: By incorporating CMLE into ThoughtSpot, any business user, regardless of their technical sophistication, can quickly extract data science derived insights using a simple search.

"As we move into a new world characterized by multiple clouds, enterprises need new ways to harness the insights siloed and locked away in these different data sources if they want to truly revolutionize their business," said Sudheesh Nair, CEO of ThoughtSpot. "By partnering with Google Cloud, we’re giving every enterprise employee an unprecedented ability to tap into the collective power of all their cloud data sources to find answers and make decisions."

"Customers want to take advantage of their existing IT investments but they also want the agility and velocity that cloud computing provides," Sudhir Hasbe, Director Product Management, Google Cloud. "Our partnership with ThoughtSpot gives customers the ability to quickly run analytics and machine learning workloads at scale, while enabling a bridge to multi-cloud environments."


ThoughtSpot is generally available for Google Cloud Platform.