Things To Remember When Laying Ethernet Cable

Things To Remember When Laying Ethernet Cable

July 14, 2023 0 By David

Reliable home internet is essential if you want to stay connected with the digital world. Many homeowners use Ethernet cables to improve their signal, but you must do it right for the best results.

You don’t want to waste time and money installing wiring that doesn’t work correctly. Here are a few things to remember when laying an Ethernet cable.

Watch for Kinks and Bends

Your Ethernet cable must extend throughout the space so you can connect it to the necessary devices and equipment. However, you must watch out for sharp turns to avoid twisting or bending the wire. Bends in the cable can reduce throughput and increase packet loss.

Take the time to plan your route so you have enough length to work with. Cables that have severe bends or kinks should be replaced. It’s also essential to get the correct category. A Cat 6a cable is the best option for transferring data for most home networks.

Terminate the Cable Correctly

A robust home network will benefit from proper cable termination. Users need a specialized device at the end of the cable to plug into a switch or other equipment to ensure it works adequately. Proper termination will make your network less cluttered and easier to maintain.

Many homeowners don’t believe they have the prowess to terminate cables themselves. However, it can save time and money, reducing the effort required to keep your network running. If you think you’re terminating your Ethernet cable all wrong, it may be good to learn how the professionals do it.

Check Before Digging

If you need to bury your Ethernet cables, it’s essential to understand the dangers of digging. If you aren’t careful, you can rupture buried power lines, water pipes, and other utilities. Check with your local providers to ensure the area is safe before getting to work.

Homeowners usually have a statewide website or hotline they can call to get information about buried utilities. You can even request a worker come to your property and mark the locations with flags or chalk. Be sure to call well before performing maintenance to ensure they arrive on time.

Protect Your Physical Network With Good Practices

Laying an Ethernet cable isn’t always as simple as plugging in your equipment. It’s essential to consider the amount of space available and the required length of your cables. You’ll also need to ensure you avoid buried utility lines while digging.

With so many things to remember when laying an Ethernet cable, it’s easy to forget an essential step. However, learning a few best practices and planning the task beforehand will ensure you’re prepared for any work needed.