Syncplicity Launches iPhone App Expanding Virtual Private Cloud Capabilities

August 3, 2011 Off By Hoofer
Grazed from BusinessWire.  Author: PR Announcement.

Syncplicity, a leader in cloud based file management, sync and backup solutions, today announced the immediate availability of its new iPhone app that is fully optimized and 100% native to Apple’s iOS platform. The new Syncplicity iPhone app has been designed to give Syncplicity users universal mobile access to all their files and folders, while meeting key business requirements such as security, backup and versioning. Syncplicity is taking cloud-based file management to the next level by enabling customers to manage their own virtual private cloud, giving them seamless anytime, anywhere access to their data – regardless of whether it is stored across multiple computers, mobile devices, corporate servers or cloud applications like Google Docs…

“We use Syncplicity company-wide to make our teams more productive, our data more secure and have saved 70% of our IT file management budget in the process”

With both mobile and cloud adoption exploding among consumers and businesses, Syncplicity is in the nexus of two mega IT trends. According to IDC, the market for file sharing, file synchronization and backup services is expected to reach $2.5 billion by 2014. Informa Telecoms & Media forecasts the number of Smartphones to exceed $1 billion by 2013.

“With more data, file types, mobile devices and cloud apps, the level of complexity that users face managing their data has skyrocketed. Syncplicity solves the challenges of accessing, syncing, sharing, versioning, backing up and managing files by giving users a simple, universal way to master all of their files in place, without moving a single file, that securely leverages cloud computing,” noted Leonard Chung, Syncplicity’s co-founder and Chief Product Strategist.

“We use Syncplicity company-wide to make our teams more productive, our data more secure and have saved 70% of our IT file management budget in the process,” said Brandon Gage, Senior Vice President of Technology for United Capital. “Syncplicity automatically captures files where users work – PCs, Macs, SharePoint, Google Docs and so on – so there is no cumbersome moving of files into a cloud box or tedious check-in/check-out hassles to get universal access to files. Users get to work with their own file structures in the native environments they know. Syncplicity for iPhone extends a user’s access to all their files on their mobile device, eliminating the need for anyone to email a file just to have smartphone access to it while on the road.”

Syncplicity’s flagship Business Edition is an online file management solution that leverages cloud computing to provide secure anywhere access to files, automated back-up, instant file synchronization, and collaboration through features such as one-click file sharing, remote wipe of iPhones and complete versioning. Business Edition is turn-key and can work with or replace existing IT infrastructures as well as seamlessly interact with popular cloud-based apps such as Google Docs.


From their iPhone, Syncplicity users are now able to browse, share and manage all their files and folders, whether those files are stored on their PC, Mac, SharePoint servers, on the corporate network or in Google Docs. This universal file access from iPhone includes shared Syncplicity folders set up for collaboration in businesses or sharing for personal use. With Syncplicity, users can gain secure access to any file and folder anytime, eliminating the need to email file attachments or use laptops and VPNs to ensure access to all their files while mobile. Syncplicity also makes mobile safe with built-in policy and permission controls, remote wipe, and complete end-to-end encryption for all data transferred, stored on the Syncplicity service, and stored on the mobile device. Key features include:

File Management, iPhone Photos and Videos

Syncplicity for iPhone provides key file management capabilities to users on the go, including creating and deleting folders, creating and uploading photos and videos, and viewing and reverting to previous file versions. This means users can, with one click, upload both new and existing photos and videos taken on their iPhone to any of their folders, including folders shared with others. Users who need to quickly share collateral with co-workers, clients, or partners will benefit from this feature the most, as photos and videos wirelessly uploaded from the iPhone don’t just appear online right away, but also synchronize instantaneously and directly to everyone’s computers.

Real-time Collaboration and Sharing

To enable effective collaboration, Syncplicity for iPhone comes with full support for the Syncplicity News Feed as a primary tab in the application. The News Feed, which displays an activity stream for files and folders that a user has access to, notifies users instantly of changes in folders and files they care about and gives them direct access to all recently created, updated, or deleted files without having to search through a file browser to find them. The News Feed eliminates the need for colleagues to send emails to notify their team on the most recent changes ready for review, and shared Syncplicity folders eliminate the need to email files to colleagues to give them access to those files. Shared Syncplicity folders are automatically synced to all shared recipients’ computers for easy, universal access.

Syncplicity’s iPhone app also simplifies the sending of individual documents from one’s laptop or desktop to anyone who needs them by allowing users to create a safe, secure, shareable link to any file in their account. The link can then be text messaged or emailed to anyone, or copied to a clipboard for use in another application. No messy attachments, and shareable links can always be disabled later to immediately revoke access.


Control and security are cornerstone features of the Syncplicity iPhone app. All data – including metadata and data cached on the iPhone – is always transferred and stored encrypted using AES-256. Syncplicity will keep users logged in by default, but for additional security, users can configure the app to require a username and password every time it starts up. Unlike others, Syncplicity enables users to unlink their iPhone from their Syncplicity account and “remotely wipe” all cached data at any time by simply logging into their account and initiating a remote wipe. This means that if a device is ever lost or stolen, any data associated with a Syncplicity account will be protected with at-rest encryption and can be remotely wiped by either the user or IT.

Powerful Versioning

Syncplicity raises the bar on versioning with its distinct ability to list and open any past version of any file from the iPhone. This feature is essential as it is not uncommon for a user to accidentally overwrite a file and want to go back to a previous version. Syncplicity for iPhone enables users to instantly roll back any file version so it once again becomes the latest, current version of the file. All changes performed on the iPhone are immediately reflected online within a user’s Syncplicity account; and Syncplicity’s synchronization technology also immediately syncs those changes down to the user’s computers and, if they use them, corporate files servers, SharePoint or Google Docs. This way, no matter where a user is accessing their files, they are always assured of having the right version.

Cost and Availability

Syncplicity’s new iPhone app is available free of charge on Apple’s App Store here. Existing Syncplicity users can log in with their current credentials and download the app free.

New Syncplicity users have three options: Register for a free 30-day Syncplicity Business Edition trial account, sign up for a one-user free Syncplicity account, or sign up for a Syncplicity Personal Edition account. All three include the iPhone application for free. Users can sign up for any Syncplicity account directly from within the iPhone application, or at