Strata Identity Unifies Enterprise Identity Across Hybrid, On-Premises, Multi-Cloud, and Multi-Vendor Environments

May 18, 2023 Off By David

Strata Identity announced the latest version of the Maverics platform that enables customers to unify Identity Orchestration functions between legacy on-premises, modern cloud, and multi-vendor environments without rewriting their applications. With Maverics, businesses easily create a vendor-agnostic identity fabric through a visual management interface that supports any identity provider (IDP), including legacy on-premises systems and cloud systems from AWS, Azure, Okta and GCP.

According to a Gartner report: “Orchestration through access management can be used to reduce the cost and complexity of integration of other disparate IAM tools, as well give a ‘second chance in life’ for technologies that are narrowly focused on a particular legacy use case, to avoid ripping and replacing them. It can help contain IAM sprawl, reducing the need for buying new IAM tools by reusing and connecting the existing pieces together, and making them interoperable.”

Enterprise Grade Capabilities
Unlike SaaS-only identity orchestration systems that don’t support on-premises apps and force customers to lock into a single vendor’s IDP, Maverics simultaneously provides Identity Orchestration for legacy IDPs, including Oracle, Siteminder, and others, alongside modern cloud IDPs from Amazon, Microsoft, Okta, Google, and more. Maverics also provides fault tolerant protection capabilities using an air gap architecture that maintains identity services if connectivity to Strata’s cloud is ever unavailable. In addition, Maverics does not store any personally identifiable data (PII) in its cloud, streamlining compliance.

True Identity Orchestration for Virtually any Use Case
Compared to single-purpose orchestration solutions that focus only on user journeys for onboarding new customers, Maverics provides no-code orchestration for all identity use cases and all types of users. These include, but are not limited to, user journeys, application modernization for migrating from legacy to cloud identity systems, deploying passwordless and multi-factor (MFA) authentication, supporting concurrent multi-IDP scenarios, and dozens of other recipes. Strata’s Maverics uses Orchestration Recipes to manage the complex identity relationships and processes for implementing the desired use case without the need to build applications around a vendor’s API.

“Strata’s Maverics is the first Identity Orchestration platform that meets the needs of large, global enterprises that have to reconcile on-premises, multi-cloud, and multi-vendor hybrid environments,” said Eric Olden, CEO of Strata Identity. “By decoupling applications from identity, Maverics supports virtually any use case and enforces consistent access policies across incompatible systems without the need to rewrite any app code.”

Flexible Management and Deployment Options
To automate the creation and management of an identity fabric, applications, and identity flows, Maverics features a visual interface and self-service option for delegated administration. Maverics also collectively supports multiple customer environments, including development, testing, and production, rather than requiring customers to manually recreate each. In addition, Maverics includes built-in support for third-party observability and monitoring tools. Pricing and Availability

Unlike most identity platforms, Maverics provides transparent and predictable pricing based on the number of IDPs and apps rather than users and transactions, which can quickly create surprise cost overages. Strata’s Maverics platform with the new enterprise-grade hybrid identity orchestration capabilities is available immediately. To start a free trial visit