Reduce Hybrid Cloud Costs by up to 50% – FREE Cloud Assessment

May 18, 2023 Off By David
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Reduce your Cloud Infrastructure Costs by up to 50%

Are you looking to reduce your cloud infrastructure costs? 2023 has been dubbed the Year of Efficiency for the Cloud. As the chart below from our partner at ISG below shows, Cloud budgets are *shrinking* for the first time in a decade as enterprises are now demanding accountability and ROI on their existing spend first. Finding and addressing cost leakage is paramount.

We are thrilled to introduce DigitalEx – Cloud Cost Optimization for Hybrid Cloud. A complete platform to help businesses manage and optimize their spend across both public and private clouds.

Their SaaS (Software as a Service) platform is designed to ingest all cost and usage information for a given customer across *all their clouds*. With this data, you can:

1.     Reduce your overall cloud costs by up to 50% – via our recommendation engine.
2.     Use machine learning to intelligently forecast your spend across all clouds based on seasonality, consumption patterns, and growth.
3.     Give you the ability to “compare” cost efficiency per cloud so you can either renegotiate rates with your IaaS providers or move your workloads to those clouds that are more cost-efficient.
4.     Allow you and your team to accurately report on and allocate costs per BU, application or geography.

As a valued CloudCow or VMblog reader, DigitalEx is extending to you an exclusive offer. Sign up over the next 30 days, and your company will receive a FREE 3-month Cloud Health Assessment. This assessment will give you free access to the DigitalEx platform for 3 months. Plus, their experts will work with your team to measure the specific $ savings your company can achieve with the platform – typical savings can range by up to 50% of your total cloud spend.

Start saving with DigitalEx Cloud Cost Optimization today and take control of your cloud costs like never before! 

Do not miss this incredible opportunity to maximize your ROI in the cloud.