Reasons You Need Good SVG and Design Tools

Reasons You Need Good SVG and Design Tools

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It is with no doubt that web design plays a key role in any web development phase. Having said this, it is important that you only have the best applications, software, and tools that will help you to attain a stunning and quality web design.

In the Philippines, web designs are having another image format that has a great impact – SVG. Scalable Vector Graphics, or most commonly known as SVG, is another image format. If you are looking for reasons as to why you should go choose SVG and other design tools, here are some of the reasons as to why you SVG is the way to go.

It has resolution independent and very responsive

One of the reasons as to why SVG is needed nowadays is because of its resolution independent, and at the same time, its top-notch responsiveness. This only means that the resolution of any SVG image will look crisp on any display — whether it may be a stunning ~285 PPI pixel density displays on any smartphones or a ~85 ppi pixel of standard computer monitors.

By utilizing more SVGs, you will not have to create and use PNG images — unless you have to support IE8. In addition to this, you can now create one single file for all your icons.

It has a user-friendly navigable DOM

Another excellent advantage of utilizing SVG is because it has this user-friendly and navigable document object model, or most commonly known as DOM.

This feature of SVG is a vital factor that will immensely help your ‘viewBox’ function, which you don’t have to twitch and update the properties of an SVG file.

SVG’s are very animatable

Unlike any other image format, one of the properties that an SVG has is that it is very animatable. This will help you create amazing and stunning interactive experiences and add a bit of touch to an interface, image, or icon.

You can make any of your SVG animatable by simply using CSS or the Web Animations API that are found in the Javascript.

It is also very style-able

Aside from the fact that SVGs are animatable, it is also style-able. You can always style elements inside the SVG by simply using different properties.

However, keep in mind that there are still some limitations when styling an SVG depending on how it was used on a particular page.

It is interactive

With the help and use of Javascript, you can freely interact and play with an SVG’s elements inside — all thanks to its user-friendly and navigable DOM. With this in mind, this will clearly aid you to curate interactive SVG in the same way as to how we use HTML and CSS.

SVGs have small file sizes

Lastly, and the most important one among all these things, SVGs have small file sizes compared to other image format file. In addition to this, there are a lot of ways to optimize SVG such as command line tools and manually remove points and groups.

Key Takeaway

It is no great secret as to why SVG and other design tools are needed these days. Choosing to utilize this will definitely help you to curate and produce high-quality images — whether it may be for your clients, customers, or for your website.


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