How to Use the Cloud to Further Your Social Media Campaign

How to Use the Cloud to Further Your Social Media Campaign

May 10, 2019 Off By Hoofer
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The Cloud has many benefits for businesses and individuals alike. It’s nice having all of your data with you wherever you go, in a redundant system which means you never have to worry about losing your precious information.

If you aren’t using the Cloud to allow for seamless work process, however, then you are not yet using it to its fullest potential. The Cloud is so much more than just a digital space where you can store data. It can be where your employees work collaboratively in real time on the same document, or it could be where you keep up to date information for your off-location employees who are traveling to talk more about your company.

Even your social media campaign can be improved using the Cloud. In fact, you need to use the Cloud in order to fully realize your social media related goals.

Benefits of Using the Cloud for Your Social Media Campaign

One of the key benefits of using the Cloud for your social media campaign is that it improves your ability to stay active no matter where you are. It also reduces the effort it takes to remain active on social media, which is a win-win whether you are personally managing your account or not.

Other Ways You Can Use Your Social Media Folder in Your Cloud Account

Creating a social media folder in your Cloud account means having things like keyword research on hand, having all the images at the ready, and even having ideas for captions. Combine this collection of content with the key strategies outlined in this good collection of Instagram guides from HTTP-COM, and you have a winning combination.

This information can be used beyond social media to help your team create great content for your website or a guest post, or for your PR team when it comes to talking up your business with customers, clients, and media folk alike.

Social Media Cloud-Features

Before you get ahead of yourself and create a folder in your Cloud account, it is important to make note of the in-app features. For example, you can draft posts on Facebook and Instagram, or use a third-party app to draft tweets for Twitter. You can also schedule posts on certain platforms. As these features are attached to your account, not the device, you can access them from anywhere.

How to Use Your Business Cloud

These social media Cloud-features, however, are not perfect. That is why having all your social media content available to access on your Cloud account can be so valuable, especially if you have two or more social media managers handling your accounts.

Keep a Media Pack

Your media pack should contain images, information you want to include, hashtags or keywords, and of course your brand identity. This way no matter whose turn it is managing your social media accounts, you can rest assured that the same persona is talking to your followers.

Have Your Content Available on the Cloud

Upload this media pack onto the Cloud so that it can be accessed on demand anywhere and anytime. This way if there is a tragedy you can stop the scheduled post and upload a more appropriate one.