Microservices Architecture-Force Multiplier for Cloud Applications

May 8, 2017 Off By Hoofer

Grazed from CIOReview. Author: Editorial Staff.

Instantly after Martin Fowler and James Lewis in March 2014 released an article on microservices, a wave of murmurs sluggishly highlighted the similarities between microservices and Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). While advocates of microservices or microservices architecture (commonly abbreviated as MSA) outright reject its connection with SOA, others believe it is just a revamped version of SOA architecture, which had stirred the application development landscape for first few years of this century.

Although there are striking similarities between the MSA and SOA, both of these architectures vary distinctively. Typically, SOA focuses on imperative programming while MSA concentrates on a responsive actor programming style. SOA models tend to use outsized conventional database, whereas MSA, most often, optimizes NoSQL or micro-SQL databases…

Furthermore, MSA embeds faster messaging services, which its alleged predecessor (SOA) lacks, as it is asphyxiated by the web of dependent ESBs…

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