Blue Medora Announced its True Visibility Suite is Now Available Through VMware’s vCloud Air Network Program

May 9, 2017 Off By Hoofer

Grazed from Blue Medora

Blue Medora today announced its True Visibility Suite is now one of the first third-party products available as part of the VMware vCloud Air Network Program. This program is a VMware Partner Network Program with a global ecosystem of more than 4,000 cloud providers offering validated services based on VMware technology in over 115 countries. 

The Blue Medora True Visibility Suite unifies VMware hybrid cloud environments by aggregating thousands of IT operations data points from across a heterogenous stack into VMware’s cloud management platforms. Once inside the platform the data can be accessed by machine learning and predictive analytics engines that enable IT operations teams to troubleshoot performance and availability issues up to 50% faster. 

The suite includes dozens of management packs that cover technology leaders in cloud, compute storage, database, and application leaders including Amazon, Cisco, Citrix, Mongo, Microsoft, NetApp, Oracle and SAP. 

"More than 80% of the Fortune 1000 have VMware environments, but no two look alike. Many of them are turning to our vCloud Air Network provider partners to migrate to the cloud as quickly and affordably as possible," said Geoff Waters, VP of Cloud Sales, VMware. "Adding the True Visibility Suite to our validated offerings for partners enables IT operations teams to manage their unique heterogeneous, hybrid cloud environment as a single stack." 

Today’s announcement comes just 8 months after VMware added Blue Medora’s software suite to the global price list for its more than 75,000 VMware resellers, another rare opportunity for a third-party solution. The price list addition helped fuel the 240% record annual growth at Blue Medora, which has now become the largest provider of a unique plugin software VMware calls management packs.