groundcover Launches inCloud: Enterprise On-premise Observability Backend

February 27, 2024 0 By David

groundcover introduces inCloud, a modern observability backend tailor-made for cloud-native environments. inCloud – currently supported on AWS and GCP –  offers a unique combination of a fully managed enterprise-grade observability storage infrastructure for logs, metrics and traces, alongside full data privacy, and data retention control keeping all observability data inside the customer’s cloud infrastructure. inCloud automatically connects to groundcover’s cutting-edge eBPF sensor and its SaaS user interface – comprising groundcover’s full-stack observability platform.

Today’s observability solutions offer organizations an impossible dilemma: Choose to ship all observability data to a managed 3rd party solution and risk exposing sensitive data and paying immense and unpredictable costs for their data volumes, or turn to build and lean on a self-hosted open-source stack which requires endless maintenance and provides a sub-par experience.

Backed by best-of-breed technologies like ClickHouse and VictoriaMetrics, groundcover’s  inCloud strikes the perfect balance in order to solve this dilemma. It offers a separation between an on-premise and private data plane and a remote control plane that manages its infrastructure and facilitates a secured access to its data sources. This unique approach allows groundcover to support any scale, cut network and storage costs dramatically, and offer a flat price for any volume of logs, metrics or traces.

groundcover’s inCloud fully manages, configures, and maintains the necessary infrastructure within the cloud environment of the customer, supporting streamlined deployment, resource tuning, disaster recovery and guaranteed availability. It leverages additional services by the cloud provider such as cloud storage, managed Kubernetes services, virtual private cloud networks, and load balancers, to create a robust and scalable environment. Health monitoring, security patching and scaling are all automated. Access to groundcover’s inCloud is securely managed through the cloud provider’s built-in access federation features, with specific roles and permissions set up to ensure that the groundcover control plane can manage resources effectively, while adhering to strict security principles. 

The entire setup, from infrastructure provisioning to ongoing maintenance, is managed by groundcover, providing an enterprise-grade solution that minimizes the operational burdens of installing and maintaining an observability solution on-premise. inCloud is the only solution in the market that combines the advantages of an on-premise deployment with the hassle free promise of a SaaS solution.