Corelight Unveils Cloud Sensor SaaS for AWS to Help SOCs Turn Cloud Traffic into Comprehensive, Correlated Evidence

Corelight Unveils Cloud Sensor SaaS for AWS to Help SOCs Turn Cloud Traffic into Comprehensive, Correlated Evidence

October 20, 2022 Off By David

Corelight announced the expansion of its Cloud Security Solutions suite with a software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution for Amazon Web Services (AWS). With Corelight Cloud Sensor SaaS for AWS, security teams can achieve uniform network visibility for incident response and threat hunting capabilities to cloud environments without the burden of having to set up and manage the monitoring infrastructure themselves. Corelight’s Cloud Sensor SaaS capability will be available on the new Corelight AWS marketplace listing.

Leveraging the power of Corelight Labs and open source Zeek and Suricata communities, the Corelight Cloud Sensor SaaS for AWS ingests cloud traffic using cloud native services such as AWS Gateway Load Balancer endpoint, and transforms it into rich logs, extracted files, and custom insights to deliver context-rich evidence that can be a difference maker for a security team’s investigative process. Output from the Corelight Cloud Sensor can be directed to the next step of the security team’s preferred analysis process, whether it be to Corelight Investigator, a SIEM, data processing tool, or storage location. Providing security teams the security-centric data needed without adding management overhead enables organizations to spend more time on reducing other security risks.

“Security operations teams are under pressure to do more with less, while at the same time, expanding visibility to include their entire cloud estate,” said Clint Sand, Senior Vice President of Product at Corelight. “This often requires a completely different set of tools, monitoring infrastructure, and training. It’s not sustainable.

“These teams need uniformity in the insights they’re obtaining from their hybrid and multi-cloud environments without the burden of added complexity,” he continued. “Corelight’s Cloud Sensor SaaS for AWS delivers the comprehensive cloud visibility needed to extend investigation and threat hunting to the cloud, without additional operational overhead.”

Corelight enables security operations center (SOC) teams to quickly detect and respond to threats by turning cloud and container traffic into security-centric, comprehensive evidence. With Corelight, customers gain:

  • Deploy-and-scale at cloud speed: Corelight Cloud Sensor SaaS for AWS can be set up in minutes and is the only elastically scalable solution on the market – meaning no pre-provisioning of traffic.
  • Complete visibility across AWS environments: Corelight’s comprehensive coverage provides signature, behavioral, and machine learning detections for insights into encrypted traffic and detection of command-and-control (C2) behavior, data exfiltration, and more.
  • Faster investigations and expert-level threat hunting: Corelight Cloud Sensor for AWS reduces friction by integrating and complimenting SOC workflows and providing uniformity in data across environments to reduce learning curves and accelerate response.

With Cloud Sensor SaaS, organizations can remove cloud migration blockers and accelerate cloud adoption by extending on-premise visibility to the cloud for security and compliance. 

Pricing and availability

Corelight Cloud Sensor SaaS for AWS is SOC2 compliant and will sit alongside the already available self-managed Corelight Cloud Sensor for AWS.