5 Signs It’s Time To Switch Internet Providers

5 Signs It’s Time To Switch Internet Providers

October 17, 2022 Off By David

When you pay for internet service, you expect to receive exactly what the provider promises. That’s why it can feel frustrating when you don’t get the full depth of what you paid for. You shouldn’t feel like you must put up with this lack of service, so here are five signs that it’s time to switch providers.

Constant Outages

If you feel you can’t depend on your internet provider due to constant outages, you may want to change to another one. Outages that occur frequently or at an increased rate with no explanation or solution can cause many issues and inconveniences, especially for those who work from home. With a good internet provider, outages should be rare.

Slow Internet

A tell-tale sign that you require a new internet service provider is that your internet is slow or slower than usual. It can be incredibly frustrating when you want to go on your phone and watch a video, play a game, or video call a friend, but you can’t connect due to slow internet. You deserve to have the best internet connection so that you can do anything you want, no matter where you are. The best way to check this is to do an Mbps test—anything less than 15 Mbps is quite slow and will result in sluggish internet. 

Limited Data

If you constantly exceed your plan’s data limit, even with upgrades, your internet provider may be trying to throttle you. As a result, you’ll pay more for less than what you deserve. Before switching, you should make sure you’re managing your internet data usage as best as possible. Once you have done everything you can to ensure you made the most of your internet and still face issues, you may need to switch providers.

Lousy Customer Service

You shouldn’t feel trepidation whenever you have to talk to your internet provider. Customer service exists to help you solve a problem, not make it worse. It can be upsetting to feel like you’re in a customer service labyrinth in which you have to explain yourself to a multitude of people to no avail.

New Technology

Technology is constantly evolving, whether it’s a new phone, tablet, or smart TV. Purchasing a new device is exciting, but not so much if you can’t even use it due to your current internet plan. Often, newer technology requires faster speeds, better connections, and more consistency. You might consider upgrading, but if you notice your new plan still cannot keep up, that’s a sign it’s time to switch internet providers.