CloudHealth Strengthens and Simplifies Cloud Governance with Groundbreaking Next-Gen Policy Engine

November 17, 2017 Off By Hoofer
Grazed from CloudHealth Technologies

CloudHealth Technologies today announced a next-generation policy engine that governs cloud infrastructure in an entirely new way. Through easily enabled and fully customizable best practice policies in the CloudHealth platform, businesses can govern cloud infrastructure more simply than ever before.

Policy-driven methodologies have long proven to be the most efficient, secure way to manage cloud and hybrid environments at scale. However, this approach requires enterprises to rely on software that captures information and drives behavior based on best practices, internal policies and reference architectures. CloudHealth now removes the legwork from cloud governance by defining best practice policies that manage all aspects of services, applications and infrastructure across cost, availability, security, performance and usage. These policies mimic visual programming languages by virtue of their high extensibility at both an object, rule, condition and action level.

"The pace of change in the cloud has surpassed the capability of humans to manage," said Joe Kinsella, CTO and Founder of CloudHealth Technologies. "To drive and maintain optimized cost, security, performance, availability and compliance of your cloud applications and infrastructure, it is critical to define governance policies that automate continuous improvement at scale. Today’s cloud user must leverage the collective learnings of others who have achieved success. Our next-generation policy engine provides the ability to leverage a fully extensible framework, so you can manage best practices at cloud scale."

The ‘governance as code’ approach makes it easier to maintain a thoughtful governance strategy even as customers scale their AWS environment. Mulesoft has used CloudHealth to drive successful governance, and to stay ahead of untagged instances, unattached EBS volumes and potential security exposures. At the AWS re:Invent conference, CloudHealth Technologies and Mulesoft will present a session providing an in-depth look at how to leverage a cloud policy framework for effective governance, including steps for optimal rollout and key learnings based on real-world examples.

Session details:

  • What: Leveraging a Cloud Policy Framework – From Zero to Well Governed
  • When: Thursday, November 30, at 1:45pm
  • Who: Vikram Pillai, Chief Architect, Director of Engineering, CloudHealth Technologies, and Chris Lyon, VP of Engineering, Mulesoft

Click here to register for the session, or stop by booth #1125 at AWS re:Invent to receive a live demo and learn more about how CloudHealth can help manage and govern your cloud or hybrid environment.