Cloud Computing: Salesforce to Buy GoInstant

July 11, 2012 Off By Hoofer

Grazed from Sys Con Media. Author: Maureen O’Gara. is going to buy a two-year-old Nova Scotia start-up that just launched last September called GoInstant for a reported $76 million.

The outfit does real-time shared web browsing, a slick answer apparently to the cumbersome WebEx.

The start-up’s page on CrunchBase says, "All participants that join a co-browse session can click, scroll, type and browse at the same time. Co-browsing does not require any downloads or plug-ins to work; all users need is a web browser. A co-browse session can be used to co-browse any web site for customer support, sales, e-commerce and training."…

It has 14 people and got $1.7 million in seeding from Freestyle Capital, Baseline Ventures, Greylock Partners, Social Leverage and folks like LinkedIn chair Reid Hoffman.

Its web page says Joyent and Formspring use it for sales pitches. The widgetry works on mobile devices as well as PCs and tablets.

Salesforce already has DimDim in the web conferencing space and TechCrunch figures it fits with Chatter and will help Salesforce compete against Microsoft and its Yammer purchase.