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January 28, 2019 Off

Data Privacy Day: A Reminder to Implement a Data Protection Plan

By Hoofer

Data Privacy Day 

Cyberattacks, natural disasters and human error doesn’t discriminate, and they can all have catastrophic effects for any organization in any industry. Everyday there are 6,080,122 records stolen, according to Breach Level Index. Shockingly, this means that every second, there are 70 records stolen.

Ensuring data privacy should be a top priority for every organization. Data Privacy Day was established to remind organizations that sensitive personal data and company information is always at risk on the internet-and a data protection plan is no longer a luxury.

We spoke to several security experts to find out why having a data protection plan in place is more important than ever, and the steps that organizations can take to safeguard their data.

January 25, 2019 Off

Free Copy of Gartner’s Market Guide for IT Infrastructure Monitoring Tools

By Hoofer

With the onset of more modular and cloud-centric architectures, many organizations with disparate monitoring tools are reassessing their monitoring landscape. According to Gartner, "With the onset of more modular and cloud-centric architectures, many organizations with disparate monitoring tools are reassessing their monitoring landscape. I&O leaders must adopt more holistic IT infrastructure monitoring tools to gain visibility into their IT landscape."

A Gartner Market Guide defines an emerging market and explains what clients can expect it to do in the short term, outlining the attributes of representative vendor offerings and how those offerings are likely to evolve.

This free guide provides insight into the IT infrastructure monitoring tool market and providers as well as key findings and recommendations.

Get your copy of the 2018 Gartner Market Guide for IT Infrastructure Monitoring Tools to see:

  • The ITIM market definition, direction and analysis
  • A list of representative ITIM vendors
  • Recommendations for adoption of ITIM platforms

January 25, 2019 Off

Cloud-Based Technology Continuing To Positively Transform Legal Industry

By Hoofer

Article Written by Sally Perkins

Enterprises can increase their revenue by 23% simply by relying on digital-first strategies that focus on achieving strategic business goals. Embracing digital transformation is an issue that has plagued companies in every single industry for over a decade now. One of the biggest aspects of this transformation is the shift to cloud-based enterprise solutions, and it’s no different for the legal industry. As cybersecurity myths continue to be debunked and data privacy rules change for the better, law firms and tech-savvy clients alike are seeing the benefits of cloud-based technology and reaping the benefits of it, too.

Addressing Issues Of Data Security

Cybersecurity and data privacy are two of the most pressing concerns that companies in the legal industry have when choosing whether or not to adopt cloud-based technology. In fact, when asked about this problem, 66% of respondents said that security is their biggest concern regarding adopting an enterprise cloud computing platform. However, law firms all around the world currently operate under strict, often very specific data security processes developed to protect sensitive data. Seeing as this is one industry in which professionals are groomed, from the beginning, to protect data at all costs, it is becoming more and more recognized that firms that have transitioned to a cloud-based solution are becoming better equipped at mitigating the associated risks. From growth management to business continuity and even up-to-date compliance regulations, cybersecurity concerns are being toppled by numerous benefits to both lawyers and their clients. 

January 23, 2019 Off

Webinar: VDI – Simplify the Deployment and Management of Windows Desktops with Parallels RAS

By Hoofer

Parallels RAS makes VDI quick, easy and affordable. It enables organizations to deliver fully functioning virtual Windows desktops and applications, boosting productivity on any device.

A few topics this webinar will cover are:

  1. How to use iOS & Android native gestures on virtual apps
  2. Simply desktop management with VDI pools and persistent guest control.
  3. Increase performance with the out-of-the-box resource-based server Load Balancing. Available
  4. Use the real-time monitoring and reporting to maintain a stable, healthy, and fine-tuned environment.
WHEN?  March 13th, 2019 – 10:00 AM PST