Blue Hexagon Debuts World’s First Unified Harden and Defend Platform for Multi-Cloud Security

April 13, 2022 0 By Hoofer
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Blue Hexagon announced the world’s first unified harden and defend multi-cloud security platform that combines two cloud security pillars – harden and defend – into a single platform designed to reduce DevSecOps friction, catch threats and misconfigurations early via deep learning, and improve compliance.

Blue Hexagon’s Cloud Security Platform allows customers to both harden their cloud – including cloud visibility, cloud compliance, and misconfiguration detection – and detect active threats – for workload, storage and network threats – without relying on outdated signatures, IOCs and threat intelligence feeds. Blue Hexagon connects directly to a customer’s cloud infrastructure in an agentless manner in minutes using Cloud Service Provider (CSP) native APIs to collect raw data from cloud resources in every region, account, configuration, control-plane activity, network activity, serverless packages and containers pushed to repositories. This raw data is analyzed by the Blue Hexagon platform using proprietary deep learning models to detect malware, command and control, beaconing, and behavior analytics to uncover unusual patterns in the cloud control plane and data plane.

“Multi-Cloud strategy is critical for the digital transformation of large businesses,” said Binay Gupta, Executive Director at Prime Communications. “Keeping our data and applications safe consistently across all the public clouds with Blue Hexagon’s best of breed AI detection technology, at both pre-deployment and runtime within a single cloud-native platform is a force multiplier.”

“Deep learning models provide critical early access to new threat intelligence around IOCs and IOBs that are also applied to the raw data our cloud platform analyzes,” said Dr. Saumitra Das, Cofounder and CTO, Blue Hexagon. “This empowers DevSecOps teams to write their own detection-as-code to strengthen and correlate with native detection from the platform. The resulting ingestion, analysis, indexing and deep learning applied to the raw data leads to six concrete hardening and defense outcomes for DevOps and SecOps consistently.”

Hardening Outcomes: Blue Hexagon provides visibility into asset inventory and cloud activity, detects several hundred misconfigurations in more than 100 different services across AWS, Azure, GCP and OCI and aids in compliance with multiple standards like CIS, HIPAA and PCI. Blue Hexagon provides coverage for 12 out of the 20 CIS-recommended controls.

Threat Defense Outcomes: Blue Hexagon provides sub-second identification of both known and unknown threats with near 100 percent accuracy, and natively works with cloud infrastructure for visibility and enforcement. By applying deep learning to network traffic, storage activity and workloads, Blue Hexagon is able to identify both known and unknown threats with greater than 99 percent accuracy in network traffic, container/K8S workloads and cloud storage, usually in less than a second.

Blue Hexagon provides actionable security visibility with network, workload and storage as well as user and entity insights. The solution also helps achieve continuous compliance including misconfigurations and cloud intrusion detection. Blue Hexagon is trusted by leading healthcare, e-commerce, insurance and financial services companies and has received positive feedback from many customers including Prime Communications and Pacific Dental Services.

“Our enhanced multi-cloud solution allows customers to get a single pane of glass visibility and threat control across all major public clouds,” said Dr. Nayeem Islam, Cofounder and CEO, Blue Hexagon. “The unification of cloud hardening with threat defense in a single platform makes it the only cloud-native detection and response solution that customers need to protect their cloud applications and data, both at DevOps and Runtime production stages.”