Backblaze Launches Free Universal Data Migration Service

Backblaze Launches Free Universal Data Migration Service

April 13, 2022 0 By Hoofer

Backblaze, Inc. announced Universal Data Migration-a free offering to help enterprises painlessly copy or migrate their data from practically any source into the company’s B2 Cloud Storage service.

For organizations seeking to break free from legacy vendor lock-inUniversal Data Migration supports truly free data mobility without complexity or downtime. Backblaze covers data transfer and egress costs for qualified transfers, and facilitates the migration of businesses to a cloud platform that won’t limit how they use their data and frees their budget to pursue greater opportunities. Simply put, businesses can free terabytes or even petabytes of data, and they will never receive an invoice for the migration.

Companies with a wide range of IaaS, development, backup, and active media archive use cases can leverage the service to move data from:

  • Public cloud storage
  • Servers
  • Network attached storage (NAS)
  • Storage area networks (SAN)
  • Tape/LTO solutions
  • Cloud drives

“Vendor lock-in is the #1 challenge organizations face with existing storage solutions-Universal Data Migration is here to answer that challenge,” said Nilay Patel, VP of Sales and Partnerships at Backblaze. “Backblaze is delighted to now help all organizations optimize their infrastructure in B2 Cloud Storage by eliminating, without unnecessary costs or complexities, their biggest barrier to choosing a new provider.”

This turnkey service expands upon earlier work by Backblaze to support subsidized cloud-to-cloud data migration as well as transfers via internet and its Backblaze Fireball rapid ingest device. These offerings are now rolled up in the universal service.

“In the cloud space, the biggest complaint that we hear from clients is the cost of egress and storage,” said Tom Kehn, Senior Solutions Architect at technology systems integrator CHESA, which leveraged the service to move Fortune Media to B2 Cloud Storage. “With Backblaze, we saved money on the migration, but also overall on the storage and the potential future egress of this data.”

The Universal Data Migration service is generally available now. To qualify, organizations must migrate and commit to maintaining at least 10TB in Backblaze B2 for a minimum of one year. Get the full story on the Backblaze blog.