4 Web Development Tactics for Enhanced Graphics

May 21, 2017 Off By Hoofer
Developing a web page or mobile app can be fun, but it’s also intimidating if you’re not confident in your ability to perform like the pros. Still, even a newbie can create something remarkable with a few simple tips and tricks and the willingness to research. The main thing you need to be concerned about is aesthetic appeal, perhaps even more so than functionality.

Although navigation and responsiveness are certainly important, overall the eye will initially judge based on design before anything else. Thus, if you want to impress a visitor, the key lies in the graphic presentation of the site or app. With that said, here are four little things you can do to boost the visual edge on your web pages and app interfaces:

1. Using Banners

Banners are perhaps one of the very best kept secrets of pro web developers. Although everyone knows about them, not everyone knows how to use them properly. They’re a great tool for making certain pieces of text or imagery stand out in an overlay fashion. Whether you’re trying to advertise something or simply want to add flare to the page with a design-based theme, banners can make anything "pop." Thus, it would be wise for an aspiring developer to become familiar with a banner maker and use it appropriately.

2. 3D Animations

Why keep everything in 2D when you can impress your visitor and app users with 3D scenes and pages? Flash is one option, but the design itself can incorporate artistic features that make it appear to stand out from the page. The visual effect of 3D graphics on a page tends to give off a professional impression, letting the visitor know that the page or app was not designed by an amateur. Even if you’re not an experienced developer you can still put 3D to use using vectors and creative templates.

3. Slideshows

Slideshows help break up the text and introduce the reader to important media that is relevant to the content. Plus, SEO analysts have found that people tend to stay on the page longer when there is an interesting slideshow present. Also, they are extremely easy to create as there are many plugins and apps that make it as simple as uploading the pictures you want to use and choosing a theme.

4. Modern Fonts

The font on a page plays a huge role in how well-received it is. Have you ever been to a page that just screamed "I was made by an amateur," based solely on poorly formatted text? It does not matter how fancy your background is, if your text is off and not up-to-par with top tier sites, then visitors will undoubtedly notice.

Bring it All Together

Finally, it is extremely important to maintain a balance when incorporating the aforementioned tactics into your design scheme. For example, too much 3D can come off aggressive to the eye and too many banners can crowd the screen and make visitors feel like they are being spammed by ads.