3 Top Mistakes New Data Center Owners Make

3 Top Mistakes New Data Center Owners Make

May 2, 2024 0 By David

Even though they may have the best intentions, new data center owners often make mistakes that negatively affect their center’s performance, efficiency, and reliability. If you’re planning to open a data center or just started one, it’s important to learn common pitfalls so you can avoid them. Keep reading to learn the three top mistakes new data center owners make.

Neglecting Cable Management

One of the most common mistakes new data center owners make is neglecting cable management. Poor cable management leads to a cluttered and chaotic environment, resulting in airflow restrictions, overheating, and difficulty troubleshooting network issues. Implementing proper cable management practices in your server racks from the start is essential for maintaining a reliable and efficient data center infrastructure.

Underestimating Power and Cooling Needs

Another common but harmful mistake is underestimating your data center’s power and cooling requirements. Failing to accurately calculate your center’s power and cooling needs can lead to power outages and equipment failures. Making a mistake and underestimating your needs can ultimately harm your center’s reputation. To avoid underestimating your center’s needs, conduct thorough capacity planning and consider long-term scalability to accommodate growth without compromising performance in the future.

Ignoring Maintenance and Testing

New data center owners often overlook the importance of regular equipment testing and maintenance. While your center may not immediately face performance issues caused by aging hardware, the only way to catch future issues quickly is to have an established testing and maintenance routine. Establishing a proactive maintenance schedule, conducting regular equipment audits, and performing system testing from the opening of your center can help identify and address future issues early.

Now that you know the three top mistakes new data center owners make, you can make informed decisions to ensure your data center doesn’t face short-term or long-term problems. By carefully planning and executing your data center’s operations, you can save time, money, and its reputation.