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A Rocky Road to the Hybrid Cloud

By David
Grazed from IT Business Edge.  Author: Arthur Cole.

The popular consensus is that 2011 will be the year of the cloud. Well, not quite. More likely, it will be the year of the hybrid cloud.

Despite what appears to be a mad rush to push infrastructure concerns to someone else, the fact is that most enterprises will be content to test the cloud waters over the next few years. The best way to do that is to integrate local resources with those available on the cloud. In that way, you retain control over data and applications while scaling resources up when the need arises.

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Facing Up to Cloud’s Complexity

By David
Grazed from IT Business Edge.  Author: Loraine Lawson.

One of the things everyone likes about the cloud is the simplicity of it. Whether you’re talking about services or computing power, the overall concept is that you can just sign up, enter a credit card number and get what you need. It’s implicit that you avoid all the wrangling with IT over things like architecture, integration, governance, technology and bureaucratic, blah, blah, blah.


Be honest, businesses: Down deep, didn’t you know it was too good to last?


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Ubuntu’s Narwhal rides OpenStack cloud

By David
Grazed from The Register.  Author: Gavin Clarke.

It’s official: the next Ubuntu will straddle clouds, with Natty Narwhal packing both OpenStack and current favorite Eucalyptus.

Ubuntu founder Mark Shuttleworth has confirmed that Ubuntu 11.04, due in April, will contain APIs that let people fluff their own private clouds built on OpenStack or Eucalyptus.

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Verecloud Partners with Intalio to Deliver CRM Cloud Services

By David
Grazed from Destination CRM.  Author: Editorial Staff.

Verecloud  and Intalio today announced a partnership to include Intalio’s Cloud offering, starting with its customer relationship management (CRM) solution, on Verecloud’s Nimbus CSB platform.

This partnership addresses the service demands placed on communication service providers (CSPs) within their operational support system (OSS) environment. The integration of Intalio’s cloud-based CRM solution into Verecloud’s offerings is one of the many Intalio | Cloud solutions that Verecloud plans to offer to CSPs through its cloud services brokerage model.