Intuit Study Shows How the Cloud Will Transform Small Business by 2020

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Nearly 80 percent of U.S. small businesses will be fully adapted to cloud computing by 2020, more than doubling the current 37 percent rate, according to “Small Business Success in the Cloud,” a new report from Emergent Research and Intuit Inc.

“This report paints a detailed picture of how small businesses will increasingly use cloud technology not only for efficiency gains, but also in more transformative ways that redefine the rules for achieving long-term success,” said Terry Hicks, vice president and general manager, QuickBooks Online Ecosystem at Intuit...

Industry's Largest Cloud Computing Survey Reveals 5X Adoption of SaaS

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North Bridge Venture Partners, in conjunction with Gigaom Research and a record 72 collaborating organizations, today released results for its fourth annual Future of Cloud Computing survey. This survey is the industry's deepest and broadest examination of the cloud technology revolution. It analyzed the inhibitors and drivers behind cloud adoption, separating the hype surrounding the cloud from genuine industry trends and real world cases across a sample of 1,358 respondents. See the complete findings slideshow here: 2014 Future of Cloud Computing survey, along with analysis and commentary on the results here.

"With four years of data, we're now really beginning to see some interesting trends, such as the five-fold increase in SaaS adoption to 74% and the nearly six-fold increase in PaaS adoption to 41%." said Michael Skok, founder of the Future of Cloud program and General Partner, North Bridge Venture Partners...

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6fusion Collaborates on Fourth Annual Future of Cloud Computing Survey

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6fusion is pleased to once again be one of the cloud industry leaders collaborating on the 4th annual Future of Cloud Computing Survey and we encourage everyone involved in cloud to participate in the survey. Whether you are a cloud user, cloud provider, cloud broker, or play another role in the cloud you should take the survey. It will only take about 5 minutes to complete and you can access the survey here:

North Bridge will announce the results at GigaOM Structure, one of the leading cloud industry events that annually convenes influential technology experts to both examine and debate the future of cloud computing. North Bridge partner Michael Skok will present the results of the survey at the show on June 18 in San Francisco. If you are interested in attending, we can offer a 25% discount on tickets to the event. Ping us at to get the discount code.

Web-scale Cloud Storage Survey

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How Much do you know about Web-scale Storage? 

Share your opinion and you could win a Lego Mindstorms EV3 Programmable Robot!!!

Cloud Adoption Tops List of 2014 IT Trends in CompuCom Poll of IT Professionals

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CompuCom, a leading technology infrastructure services company, today announced the results of its recent website poll, revealing that 49 percent of IT professionals surveyed identify cloud adoption as the top IT trend for 2014 – and that cost reductions (32 percent) and accessibility to technology with less friction (31 percent) will be the biggest drivers of cloud technology.

The poll collected 683 responses from IT professionals across multiple industries from January 1, 2014 through February 25, 2014. On-demand delivery of IT services via the cloud have been available for several years, but limited understanding about options, costs and benefits have stalled wholesale implementation. Over time, companies have recognized that cloud services provide scalability, high availability and performance that are worth the challenges of implementation. Most industry analysts call for billion-dollar growth in cloud service adoption during 2014...

MGI Cloud30 Index Now Available - Best Proxy for Cloud Computing Industry Growth

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MGI Research, LLC announced today the general availability of MGI Cloud30TM Index data. “Cloud computing has emerged as one of the most dominant and disruptive trends in technology. It is one of the key tools in transforming enterprise IT and is the underlying enabler of both social networking and mobile computing”, said Igor Stenmark, Managing Director of MGI Research. "While it is unclear if cloud computing will deliver on all of its promises, the reality is that no technology project is undertaken today without evaluating the use of cloud computing.

The MGI Cloud30TM Index is intended to be the most accurate proxy of the financial impact of cloud computing – whatever direction it takes”, Mr. Stenmark continued. The current data for MGI Cloud30TM Index indicates that over the past three years, the cloud computing trend generated a distinct and above average impact in financial markets. The MGI Cloud30TM Index is comprised of shares of thirty US-listed companies that have the most direct exposure to cloud computing. Today’s announcement makes the MGI Cloud 30 Index historical data generally available.

For data access, licensing information, details on index components, methodology and weights, refer to or contact MGI Research at +1 (888) 801-3644 or via email:

Businesspeople Take Charge of Cloud Computing, But Still Depend on IT: Survey

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Cloud computing may represent the beginning of a shift of control of business technology away from information technology departments and into the hands of managers and professionals from other parts of the business. While a third of executives responding to a recent survey (32%) agree that the IT department is currently the main driver of cloud adoption, another 45% report that individual business units are ultimately responsible for cloud adoption strategies.

These are some of the findings from a new survey of 460 IT leaders and senior business managers conducted by Capgemini. However, just because cloud computing is in more of the hands of the business doesn’t mean it’s run as effectively as possible. For example, the board of directors is seen as both a driver (29%) and a blocker (28%) of cloud initiatives. This suggests that in many cases, “benefiting from the cloud is still being hindered by a lack of appropriate senior level understanding and commitment,” the report states. “It is safe to conclude that by now the benefits of the cloud are clear and widely understood.”...

Security remains major concern to cloud adoption

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“To the cloud!” was Microsoft's rallying-cry, and it appears most organizations agree it's inevitable that portions of their business will end up relying on cloud computing in the near future. Still, it also appears that significant security concerns remain that could slow cloud adoption.

Those are the findings of a new survey by GreenSQL, a database security company based in Tel Aviv, Israel. It asked its respondents “What is your main security concern when moving your database to the cloud?” and found a number of concerns identified:

* 31 percent: I do not trust the level of security in cloud services
* 28 percent: Compliance and regulations requirements do not allow moving data to the cloud
* 22 percent: I cannot control my data on the cloud
* 19 percent: Cloud services are not mature yet...

Study Shows IT and Business Professionals Are Finding Business Advantages in Cloud Infrastructure-as-a-Service

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VMware, Inc., the global leader in virtualization and cloud infrastructure, today announced new research findings that demonstrate public cloud adoption has moved beyond test and development in many companies. The study, commissioned by VMware and conducted by analyst firm Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG), found 67 percent of the mid-market and enterprise companies surveyed are running what they view as mission-critical workloads on Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS).

"The study demonstrates that IaaS from cloud service providers is seeing broad adoption by mainstream business for business-critical applications and data, moving beyond test and development," said Mathew Lodge, vice president, cloud services, VMware. "As IaaS adoption grows, so does the importance of strong customer service and support as well as the quality of the underlying technology. Compatibility with existing virtualized datacenters and private clouds was also key."


Global Survey Reveals Why NGOs Are Moving IT to the Cloud

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TechSoup Global ( announced today the results of its 2012 Global Cloud Computing Survey of 10,500 nonprofits, charities, and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) from 88 countries — the most extensive technology survey ever conducted of NGOs worldwide.
TechSoup Global’s report on barriers and motivators in cloud computing reveals that a majority of NGOs are planning to move their information technology (IT) to the cloud. However, they need more ed ucation and support to take full advantage of the benefits cloud computing offers regarding costs, productivity, and collaboration. Many NGOs are not even aware that they are using cloud applications already, or they are not familiar with the full suite of cloud-based applications available to them.