Server CPU Performance Pre and Post Cloud Computing

Grazed from ProfitBricks. Author: Andy Lurie.

Remember When CPU Performance was Guaranteed? Since the early launch of the PC in the early 1980’s, CPU performance has been defined by the clock speed and front side bus of the processer. It was simple and easy to understand and Intel and AMD battled the MHz and GHz wars over the years.

Server CPU Speeds

This infographic looks at server class CPUs from the Pentium era CPUs of 1993 to today. Along the way, a lot of new technologies totally transformed the way we look at CPU performance. Beginning with the advent of X86 server virtualization in 2001, VMware and other virtualization technologies permitted multiple operating systems, and their related processes, to be run in parallel on a single CPU. Instead of relying on the old model of “one server, one application” which lead to under-utilized resources, virtual resources are dynamically applied to meet business needs without any excess “fat.”...

Cloud Security: Perception vs. Reality

Grazed from CloudComputingInsights.  Author: Internap.

Cloud computing may be a popular topic among IT professionals, but they're not jumping into it full-force. According to a recent survey of more than 7000 people, more than half say that security is their top concern when it comes to transitioning to the cloud.

This infographic from Internap and Alertlogic highlights the top security threats in the cloud. It also compares on-premise risk to off-premise risks, and provides a list of security questions to ask your service provider.

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Cloud Infographic - 5 Ways To Become Extinct As Big Data Evolves

Grazed from InfoChimps. Author: Editorial Staff.

The enterprise is currently in a ‘Big Data Limbo’, where leadership has begun, or is preparing to invest in analytics – but lacks clear direction with where and how to implement. The technology is powerful, and like the moniker suggests, “Big Data” is massive, leaving some executives with the impression that for these projects to be successful, IT departments must ready themselves to boil the proverbial ocean...

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Infographic: SaaS Operating Metrics Uncovered

Grazed from KissMetrics.  Author: Editorial Staff.

xpansion-stage SaaS companies have an overarching goal to grow very fast and achieve sustainable profitability. Understanding the operating metrics behind other expansion-stage SaaS companies can help them form an optimal economic model.

With that in mind, OpenView Venture Partners recently surveyed more than 160 senior executives and consultants at SaaS companies to create a report that is specifically focused on some of the growth and profitability metrics that are most relevant to SaaS companies at the expansion stage. Below are some of the report’s key findings.

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MSPs Leading the Cloud Revolution

Grazed from Business2Technology.  Author: Brian Wallace.

Managed service providers (MSPs) are the trusted, outsourced technology companies that make small businesses thrive. MSPs have worn many hats throughout the history of technology. Today, they are leading the cloud computing charge. It’s worth taking a look at how exactly MSPs have reached this point today by exploring key points in their history.

In 1981, IBM PC launched—VisiCalc, the first computer spreadsheet program, opened a world of opportunity for CFOs and accountants. From 1984 to 1986, financial and operations departments in small businesses were the first to take advantage of PCs. In 1988, IBM PS/2 and 286/386 Revolution brought computers beyond the C level to more employees. 1995 would be a big year for MSPs as Windows 95 launched. A year later, MSPs became involved in the rise of the multimedia PC—CD-ROMs, sound cards and speakers were added to desktops. In the late 1990s, MSPs were busy as email moves down employee ranks and BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) launches...

Cloud Computing: Manage the Surge In Unstructured Data

Grazed from XO Communications.  Author: Editorial Staff.

A massive surge in unstructured data creates tough challenges for IT. Businesses need more intelligent network infrastructure to support their Big Data plans...

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Cloud Infographic: The Potential of Cloud Computing

Grazed from CloudComputingPath. Author: Pravin Anchan.

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Cloud Infographic: Costs Of Running A Startup

Grazed from CloudTweaks. Author: Editorial Staff.

CloudTweaks has covered a number of emerging startups over the years, such as our “Top 25 European Cloud Computing Rising Stars” lists. The question many startups have is: What does it cost to run a startup? We have an infographic provided courtesy of which outlines some of these costs in a few of the main technological hotspots of the world. We believe as cloud adoption rates increase, and telecommuting is more prevalent worldwide, many of these costs can be reduced in some capacity.

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What Customers Actually Seek from Cloud Providers

Grazed from Bluelock.

There's a lot to consider when it comes to the cloud buying process. Security, compatibility and managed services are just a few important offerings cloud buyers have to consider. But, what matters most to cloud consumers?

In January 2013, cloud services provider Bluelock set out to better understand the consumers' needs and desires for an infrastructure-as-a-service offering. More than 325 individuals took an 11-question survey over a period of three months. Individuals represented companies of all sizes, industries and job titles. Despite their demographic differences the consumers were united in many of their value rankings, sentiments and use-cases. The results draw a strong picture of what matters most to the IaaS consumer now, and what they expect to care about in the future. View the cloud infographic below to learn more!

The cloud has gone mainstream

Grazed from SiliconRepublic. Author: Editorial Staff.

More and more businesses are adopting cloud computing as part of their IT infrastructure, according to a new infographic that provides a snapshot of cloud computing usage. The infographic published by livehive on reveals the most used cloud platforms, the average number of cloud services companies use, and the top 3 software-as-a-service (SaaS) companies.

Also noted is that security concerns surrounding cloud computing have decreased nearly 10pc in one year: from 55pc of businesses worried about cloud security in 2012 to 46pc of businesses concerned about the security of cloud in 2013...