Cloud Infographic – Path Of A Cyber Attacker

Grazed from CloudTweaks.  Author: Editorial Staff.

We’ve covered a fair bit of infosec here on CloudTweaks over the years. It’s an important area for all regardless of if you’re a consumer or a business.

Security expert and consultant – Chetan Soni, discusses some of the security issues and tools to consider as part of your business plan: “Cloud computing has become a business solution for many organizational problems. But there are security risks involved with using cloud servers: service providers generally only take responsibility of keeping systems up, and they neglect security at many ends. Therefore, it is important that clouds are properly penetration (pen) tested and secured to ensure proper security of user data…”

Vormetric Releases Cloud And Big Data Security Report and Infographic

Grazed from Cloud Computing Today.  Author: Arnal Dayaratna.

The following Infographic, courtesy of Vormetric, illustrates widespread adoption of cloud computing and Big Data technologies at rates of 80% and 30% respectively.

However, the graphic also points to intense concerns on the part of IT Managers about cloud and big data security, particularly insofar as those security considerations involve lack of control of the location of data and inadequate encryption and security protocols and frameworks for the protection of data and sensitive environments...

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Cloud Computing: Sauce Labs Infographic Illustrates Trends In Web And Mobile Testing

Grazed from CloudComputingToday. Author: Arnal Dayaratna.

The following Infographic, sponsored by Sauce Labs, provides data on the changing landscape for application testing given a computing environment increasingly characterized by agile application development, continuous integration processes and mobile apps. As illustrated below, the survey of IT professionals showed that continuous integration and agile methodologies led to the adoption of more automated testing.

Meanwhile, cross-browser testing has achieved greater importance and developers are finding that most of the issues applications experience involve mobile devices in contrast to desktops...

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Cloud Computing and Data Center infographic

Grazed from Emerald-Technology.  Author: Editorial Staff.

Inforgraphic covers topics such as Cloud Computing Industry Valuation, Storage Trends, Customer Profiles, Data Center Sizing, Cloud Computing Job Creation by Industry, and much more...

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Infographic: State of Containers 2015 Docker Adoption Survey

Today, StackEngine announced the results of a 2015 VMblog and CloudCow industry survey that was designed to help better understand Docker adoption, traction, challenges, and usage patterns – particularly amongst VMware enterprises.  745 people responded to the survey request. 

The below Infographic from StackEngine highlights many of those results.  You can also register to receive the survey report.

How Technology Has Driven the Evolution of Creative Collaboration Over the Decades [Infographic]

Grazed from TechCocktail.  Author: Christopher Beck.

Over the past few decades much of how we communicate, work, and even play has evolved as advancements have been made in technology. With each new invention or advancement, actions that used to require two or more people to be in the same room are fading and even the farthest reaches of the globe are seemingly at our collaborative fingertips.

A recent infographic created by cloud-based digital asset management company, WebDAM, visualizes “How Creative Collaboration Has Evolved Over Time,” and gives audiences a snapshot of just how far technology has come with a fun design that plays off of each decade stylistically...

New Infographics Provide Interesting Perspectives on Amazon Cloud Workloads

Grazed from TheWhir.  Author: David Hamilton.

I was sent a few infographics over the past few days regarding Amazon Web Services that provide some insight into how organizations are using AWS, as well as how it compares with other IT infrastructure options.  The first was from workload management provider 2nd Watch, which provides a look at what its customers typically used for their cloud services based on anonymized data from its thousands of customers over the four months from July to October.

Organizations using EC2 typically used Small instances (38 percent), followed by Medium (19 percent) and XLarge (15 percent). The very large (2XLarge, 4XLarge and 8XLarge) and very small (Micro) made up only 27 percent collectively...

How Secure Is Your Cloud? (Infographic)

Grazed from Business2Community. Author: Danny Ashton.

There has been a lot of buzz around cloud computing lately, but not many people know what that actually means. This infographic will try to resolve some mystery surrounding that topic. Cloud computing is a revolutionary concept that gives you the opportunity of accessing your data over a network, like the Internet. That means your data is located in a cloud and you can access it from any other computer or even from your mobile phone. This can save your life in cases of emergencies when you need to access some file quick and easy. If you have heard of it, but you are not sure if it is absolutely secure, you should read this infographic carefully.

Many companies are starting to see that cloud usage can be really useful in business world. Over 50 % of firms are currently using it in the United States. It definitely has a lot of benefits when compared with traditional computing. This infographic is based on a survey of 200 IT managers who use cloud security in their own workplace...

Security In Hybrid Clouds: A Cloud Security Infographic From AlgoSec

Grazed from Cloud Computing.  Author: Editorial Staff.

The “Security Policy Management in Hybrid Cloud Environments” survey reveals the key network security management challenges organizations face when deploying business applications across hybrid on-premise/public cloud environments.

Key findings of the survey highlight the need for IT professionals to increase visibility across both on-premise and cloud platforms, create new workflows, reconsider team responsibilities and reexamine compliance processes so that they can continue to protect enterprise and ensure network security...

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Going Global With The Cloud: Anywhere, Anytime Access - Infographic

Grazed from CloudTweaks.  Author: Jon Roskill.

Let's cut right to the chase... Lots of companies have offered 24/7 availability of systems and data to their customers and employees for years. What else is new? What’s new is that a cloud computing environment can make 24/7 availability possible for small and medium size enterprises (SMEs). (Infographic Source:Towergate)

Previously, only organizations with robust IT infrastructure (in terms of servers, communications networks, and the staff to maintain them) could offer global access to internally hosted software applications and databases. Now SMEs can offer customer ordering and account self-service applications hosted in a public cloud. The same public cloud can provide 24/7 availability of applications and data to employees, thereby improving productivity or supporting more flexible working arrangements...