Red Hat Unveils NVIDIA NIM Integration on Red Hat OpenShift AI

Red Hat Unveils NVIDIA NIM Integration on Red Hat OpenShift AI

May 13, 2024 0 By David
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Red Hat, Inc. announced coming integration support for NVIDIA NIM microservices on Red Hat OpenShift AI to enable optimized inferencing for dozens of artificial intelligence (AI) models backed by a consistent, open source AI/ML hybrid cloud platform. Organizations will be able to use Red Hat OpenShift AI with NVIDIA NIM – a set of easy-to-use inference microservices included as part of the NVIDIA AI Enterprise software platform to accelerate the delivery of generative AI (GenAI) applications for faster time to value.

Support for NVIDIA NIM on Red Hat OpenShift AI builds on existing optimization for NVIDIA AI Enterprise on Red Hat’s industry-leading open hybrid cloud technologies, including Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Red Hat OpenShift. As part of this latest collaboration, NVIDIA will be enabling NIM interoperability with KServe, an open source project based on Kubernetes for highly scalable AI use cases and a core upstream contributor for Red Hat OpenShift AI. This will help fuel continuous interoperability for NVIDIA NIM microservices within future iterations of Red Hat OpenShift AI.

This integration enables enterprises to increase productivity with GenAI capabilities like expanding customer service with virtual assistants, case summarization for IT tickets and accelerating business operations with domain-specific copilots.

By using Red Hat OpenShift AI with NVIDIA NIM, organizations can benefit from:

  • Streamlined path to integration to deploy NVIDIA NIM in a common workflow alongside other AI deployments for greater consistency and easier management.
  • Integrated scaling and monitoring for NVIDIA NIM deployments in coordination with other AI model deployments across hybrid cloud environments.
  • Enterprise-grade security, support, and stability to ensure a smooth transition from prototype to production for enterprises that run their business on AI.

NVIDIA NIM microservices are designed to speed up GenAI deployment in enterprises. Supporting a wide range of AI models, including open-source community models, NVIDIA AI Foundation models, and custom models, NIM delivers seamless, scalable AI inferencing on-premises or in the cloud through industry-standard application programming interfaces (APIs).