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Market nears public cloud adoption tipping point

Grazed from TechTarget. Author: Jim O'Reilly.

Public cloud adoption has grown significantly over the past few years, as even the most skeptical IT pros admit the technology is right for certain use cases. Spending on public cloud services is expected to exceed $127 billion in 2018, up from $56.6 billion in 2014, according to industry analyst group IDC.

But, even as adoption grows, many organizations still question whether they can use public cloud to run all mission-critical workloads. The answer, however, depends on several factors. To protect data, a business' most mission-critical applications are kept close. In fact, by law, certain data must be protected...

2015 is the Year of the Cloud, ProfitBricks executive says

Grazed from BizJournals. Author: Editorial Staff.

ProfitBricks opened an office in San Antonio last year expecting big things in the cloud computing industry. So far this year it has not been disappointed. “2015 is proving to be the year where cloud computing becomes the norm,” said William Toll, vice president of marketing for Boston-based ProfitBricks.

The company, which also has an office in Berlin, Germany, provides its clients with access to cloud servers, storage and networks using its own platform. The company uses a drag-and-drop data center design and management tool giving customers the ability to customize their cloud environment...

Cloud Computing: Blueprint - The Evolution of the Network

Grazed from ConvergeDigest. Author: Leon Adato.

Learn from the past, live in the present and prepare for the future. While this may sound like it belongs hanging on a high school guidance counselor’s wall, they are words to live by, especially in IT. They apply perhaps to no other infrastructure element better than the network. After all, the network has long been a foundational building block of IT, it’s even more important today than it was in the days of SAGE and ARPANET, and its importance will only continue to grow in the future while simultaneously becoming more complex.

For those of us charged with maintaining the network, it’s valuable to take a step back and examine the evolution of the network. Doing so helps us take an inventory of lessons learned—or the lessons we should have learned; determine what today’s essentials of monitoring and managing networks are; and finally, turn an eye to the future to begin preparing now for what’s on the horizon...

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Cloud Computing: The story of Yamaha should terrify HP, Dell, Cisco, and anybody else who sells hardware

Grazed from BusinessInsider.  Author: Julie Bort.

"Cloud computing is going to change everything whether you like it or not," Vimal Thomas, vice president of Yamaha of America tells us. "Get in front of it before it starts landing on top of you."  Thomas ought to know. He completed an unprecedented project to move nearly all of the company's 200 computer servers to Amazon's cloud, Amazon Web Services, getting rid of his company's data centers and saving $500,000 a year in the process.
Nearly every company is using public cloud computing services like AWS these days (Microsoft, Google, and IBM also have similar services).  This is a market that will grow 21% year over year to $32 billion in 2015, and account for about one-third of all IT infrastructure spending, according to IDC...

Developers' new role: hold the enterprise's hand with cloud computing

Grazed from ZDNet. Author: Joe McKendrick.

Ultimately, decisions around cloud application or platform development and adoption are driven by the business. But the people bringing cloud in and enlightening their enterprises are the "developer visionaries" who understand the implications it brings to businesses, as well as keeping the whole thing from becoming a tangled, hairy and expensive mess.

That's one of the takeaways from a new report issued by Technology Business Research (TBR), which states that as cloud becomes a greater part of business technology infrastructures, business-side managers are increasingly getting involved in development decisions. In the process, the role of developers is being elevated, from a "coder" persona to that of consultant to business management...

Plugging into the Digital Economy via the Cloud

Grazed from TalkinCloud. Author: Mike Vizard.

Everywhere anyone turns these days business executives are using terms such as digital or service economy interchangeably, while the more technically inclined often tend to refer to the same business phenomenon as the API Economy. Regardless of what you call it, there is clearly a massive hunger for to deliver multiple forms of digital content around products and services that can be easily monetized.

Whether it’s a car or a turbine, every company that makes something is trying to figure out what digital services can be created that enhance the existing customer experience. The challenge that most of those organizations face is that most of them don’t have any mechanism in place to actually do any of that...

The five ways to make cloud success a reality for your business

Grazed from CloudTech. Author: James Bourne.

Everyone is looking for that silver bullet which makes their cloud implementations a success. It’s little wonder that events such as Cloud World Forum and Cloud Expo are at the forefront of executives’ minds. At Cloud World Forum in London last week, MongoDB VP strategy Kelly Stirman spoke of five directions in which the industry is changing, and how companies can make their cloud success a reality: embrace failure, double down on ops, and pick your partners wisely.

Rule number one, Stirman argued, was to embrace failure. To be able to embrace failure, you need to iterate quicker. “Today, customers expect applications faster,” he tells CloudTech. “When you wake up in the morning, you look for apps to have been installed on your phone, and to do that people need to embrace a more iterative project development lifecycle...

Shifting the Cloud Debate to a Higher Plane

Grazed from ITBusinessEdge. Author: Arthur Cole.

The lifecycle of any given technological innovation follows a fairly standard path: proposal, development, deployment and then either success or failure based on cost, efficacy, execution or a number of other factors. With the cloud, however, we seem to be diverging from this pattern, or at the very least the process is being drawn out due to the radical and fundamental way it affects the entire data stack, and indeed the entire business model.

The private cloud in particular seems to be caught in a no-man’s land of doubt/certainty, confusion/clarity, and ongoing debate between those who support it to the nines and those who chalk it up to so much wishful thinking. On any given day, a web search of the terms “private cloud” can produce the following results:...

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Will the cloud automate operations out of existence?

Grazed from InfoWorld. Author: Eric Knorr.

Jeffrey Snover, a 16-year Microsoft veteran and brilliant technologist, clearly identifies with the IT operations side of the house. "That's my tribe," he says. "I'm very optimistic about their future." Despite that tribal affiliation, Snover may be helping to automate many operations folks out of a job, though I'm sure he would dispute that suggestion.

A distinguished engineer and the lead architect for Microsoft's Enterprise Cloud Group, Snover has been working closely with Azure CTO Mark Russinovitch to develop the automated infrastructure behind the Azure public cloud. That sophisticated technology is also winding its way into Windows Server, System Center, and other on-premises Microsoft solutions...

Pressure from all sides to adopt the cloud: CIOs

Grazed from DNA.  Author: Edwin Yapp.

SENIOR technology executives are being increasingly pressured both by vendor pitches and internal management requirements to cut cost in their journey to adopt cloud computing, a group of chief information officers (CIOs) said last week.

Speaking at a panel session entitled Making the Most of the Cloud at the Malaysian leg of the CIO Leaders Summit, Hood Abu Bakar, general manager of ICT for MISC Corp, said vendors introduce something new every now and then, after which they market and push their solutions onto users.   MISC is Malaysia’s leading international shipping organisation and is listed on the Bursa Malaysia bourse...