ProfitBricks Launches New Cloud Data Center Management Tool

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ProfitBricks, the price/performance leader in cloud computing IaaS, has once again raised the bar for cloud computing infrastructure and data center management by releasing a completely new version of its unique Data Center Designer.

In response to today's increasingly complex cloud infrastructure provisioning and deployment processes, the new Data Center Designer (DCD) is a complete rewrite of ProfitBricks' game-changing visual management tool, enabling even easier design and management of cloud computing infrastructures. Included with all ProfitBricks cloud computing Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) accounts, the new DCD further reduces design and management overhead with faster performance, streamlined tools, more intuitive visual representations and comprehensive account information...

Cloud Computing: Number of Data Centers To Decline After 2017

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hanging IT needs will drive more enterprises away from in-house data centers to off-site facilities in coming years, according to a new forecast from the analyst firm IDC. The future will also see a rise in super-size "mega datacenters," leading to a decline in the overall number of data centers around the world even as total data center space keeps growing, the report stated.

According to the IDC forecast, released earlier this week, the total number of data centers will peak at 8.6 million in 2017 and then start to decline. However, total data center space will increase globally, rising from 1.58 billion square feet in 2013 to 1.94 billion square feet by 2018...

2014: The year the cloud killed the datacenter

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Back in the summer of 2013 I wrote a series of articles on what I called the "Datacenter Zombie Apocalypse." The first was an observation of the troubles IBM was undergoing trying to shift its very datacenter-oriented services and outsourcing business to one that was more cloud focused and how it might serve as a bellwether for the IT industry as a whole.

The other was about how, as an IT practicioner, one might transition their skills to be more cloud-oriented. Where are we now with all of this, over a year later? IBM's situation has gotten worse. While it continues to invest in Cloud, its services revenue is flat, and has been forced to divest two separate hardware businesses — its x86 server business to Lenovo and its silicon manufacturing capacity that powers their System p and System z enterprise systems to GlobalFoundries...

Outstanding datacentre and cloud companies invited to nominate for Datacloud 2015 Awards

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Outstanding players in datacentre and cloud are being asked to nominate themselves for the annual Datacloud Awards 2015 which will be presented at a gala ceremony that takes place in Monaco, 2nd June 2015. Now in its 8th year, the Judges have sought to set the bar even higher for 2015 and are seeking exemplar companies that demonstrate excellence and inviting nominations from service providers and end user organizations across Europe.

As such this year’s categories are designed to reflect changes in markets and technologies, but retain their focus on recognising excellence across the datacentre and cloud sector. Four main Awards will be given for datacentre companies, and four prizes for Cloud. Both datacentre and cloud will hold one prestigious accolade each of Prix européen...

Cloud Computing: Getting Ready for the Software-Defined Data Center

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The Software program-Defined Data Center (SDDC) is at an early stage in its improvement, but software and hardware vendors are currently lining up to sell you SDDC items. EMC lately released its Federation Software-Defined Data Center Answer, a combined software stack that it hopes will serve as a reference architecture for all future application-defined data centers, equivalent to the way the Java EE reference architecture is a template option for several Java enterprise applications.

The objective of a SDDC is to do away with massive infrastructure boxes and replace them with network solutions dedicated to and tuned to the requirements of person applications. This will let applications to be decomposed into compute workloads, transport workloads, and storage workloads - and these many tasks can be executed wherever it makes the most sense...

Cloud Computing: The Myth Of The Green Datacenter

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Here’s the reality when it comes to datacenter energy consumption: If the cloud industry were a country, according to a recent study, it would be the fifth largest energy consumer in the world.

The survey of datacenter energy consumption has a definite slant: It was funded by the National Mining Association and something called the American Coalition for Clean Coal Energy. Still, the reality in the U.S. and emerging markets like China is that most of the electricity the industry consumes is produced in coal-fired plants. Moreover, energy consumption at datacenters will only increase as more users with more wireless devices tap into cloud services...

How OpenStack integration can create smarter cloud data centres

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Integrating OpenStack, the free open source cloud computing software platform, with an advanced cloud architecture based on application delivery controller (ADC) technology offers significant advantages for cloud data centre operators.  While OpenStack gives IT professionals an open and standards-based approach to scalable and agile cloud deployment, an ADC-based architecture utilises L4-L7 network application services to provide a consistent solution for cloud provisioning and management.

Their integration allows cloud data centre operators to combine application networking services seamlessly with their other infrastructure, permitting them to meet service-level agreements (SLA’s) and compliance. A choice of form factor provides the flexibility to create a tailored offering in a high-density multi-tenant environment...

Data Centers and Cloud: A Perfect Storm

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The cloud computing marketplace is continuing to evolve and the heavyweights are not sitting on the sidelines. As DCK noted this week, Digital Realty is partnering with Carpathia to provide hybrid cloud infrastructure solutions, and 365 Data Centers entered the cloud storage business. This is just the latest among many moves, including IBM’s purchase of SoftLayer, in the cloud infrastructure space.

Cloud computing definitely has an influence on data center operators and owners, said Jack Story of the AFCOM Data Center Institute (DCI) Board of Directors and HP Distinguished Technologist. Story, with 24-plus years of experience in outsourcing and the service provider industry, will lead a panel titled, “Data Centers and Cloud: A Perfect Storm” at the Orlando Data Center World Conference next month...

Cloud Computing: Physical data centers, how quaint

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Is the physical data center an anachronism? Some industry leaders say there's no longer a need for enterprises to have data centers at all -- that everything they need is in the cloud. That's the word from Matthew Finnie, CTO of Interoute, and a regular advisor to the European Commission on ICT research and innovation. In an interview conducted by TechRadar's Desire Athow, Finnie says cloud computing is more than adequately filling the need data centers once fulfilled.

Of course, the "cloud" is not operating in a vacuum --- it's powered by multiple data centers. But Finnie's point is that enterprises should not worry about all that underlying infrastructure. While Finnie's business is running virtual data centers for clients, it's interesting to get his take on how these opportunities are unfolding:...

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Plexxi Pulse—Adding Flexibility to the Cloud

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It’s been a busy week here at Plexxi. On Tuesday, we announced our partnership with, a high-performance, scalable and flexible hosting platform based on Microsoft Cloud OS.’s newly released CARIcloud service is powered by Plexxi and uses software-defined networking to allow companies to automatically adjust to conditions on their networks and make sure that the most important applications are never starved for performance. The platform enables customers to manage organizations and scale their data centers without being restricted to a single cloud service provider...