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How Cloud Technology Is Helping Teens Drive Safer

Article Written by Avery Phillips

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, "in 2016, 2,433 teens in the U.S.from ages 16-19 were killed in motor vehicle crashes." That means for teens, who are still getting the hang of driving, crashes remain to be the number one cause of death. 

Fortunately, cloud-based technology is helping teen drivers stay safe on the road and protecting them against accidents. Although the word "technology" might set off alarm bells among parents who associated it with distracted driving, it's important for parents to recognize that technology can, in fact, be beneficial to their teen drivers. 

It's a big bad world out there, especially on the highway, and while the number of deadly accidents has decreased since the 1970s, teenagers are still three times more likely to be involved in a deadly crash. Even though you're aware of the dangers around you on the road, your fearless teen might not be. So how can you enforce safe driving habits when you aren't there to guide them? Let cloud technology do it for you. Remember, as long as you teach young drivers safe technology habits, they can reap the countless rewards it offers. 

What You Need to Know About Cloud-Based Television

Article Written by Sally Perkins

You've heard of the Internet of Things, but just how much do you know about how deeply integrated your television is or might become into your cloud in the future? Seeing as media companies are the second most-hacked enterprises after banks, the venture into cloud-based television might seem a little daunting. However, as companies all around the world make shifts in their organizational processes and structures to comply with emerging GDPR requirements, television companies, and most notably news organizations, are beginning to dip their feet into the world of cloud-based computing and data. And, they're actually seeing huge benefits.

Changing Long-Term Traditions in TV Production

Whereas news stations used to have to send out a team of highly-trained and skilled cameramen to shoot a breaking story, emerging technologies are making it possible for news teams to head out into the field with a device as small as a camera and instantly upload the footage to a cloud-based server. This not only cuts down on the amount of time needed to get footage to a news station for editing, but the algorithms present in phones and other filming devices are becoming so advanced that cameramen don't need to worry about stabilizing or really even adjusting the picture quality. This will lead to advancements in the quality of footage provided and the ability to transmit higher-quality images that will pop out of your television screen.


Turbonomic Leads Customers Through Their AWS Journey with an AI-Powered Decision Engine

Turbonomic is demonstrating how customers are accelerating their Amazon Web Services (AWS) migrations and optimizing their estates through workloads that self-manage, anywhere, in real-time at AWS re:Invent, from November 26-30 in Las Vegas, NV (booth #413).

Organizations are rushing to the cloud for agility and cost savings to speed innovation. However, realizing full elasticity while adapting to dynamic application demand is a real-time challenge that is beyond human scale – with mistakes being costly. Additionally, a growing skills gap is hampering many organizations’ journeys, in large part due to the tradeoff of speed of application delivery over operational excellence.

How Is The Cloud Changing The Face Of Marketing?

Marketing can be difficult to get right. There are many things to take into consideration, including your products and services, your company ethos, your target market, and your budget. Put all of this together, and it might be that you feel your marketing strategy is somewhat limited. However, that is because you haven't considered the new technology that is around you, particularly cloud-based technology. Using the cloud to help with your marketing can help you to achieve a lot more, even with a meager budget or a small target market. What is it that the cloud can do, and how has it changed the face of marketing? 

Location Doesn't Matter

When you use cloud-based technology to assist with your marketing campaign, one of the biggest benefits you'll find is that location does not matter. The cloud means that you don't have to physically reach any of your customers, and therefore you can have a much bigger reach for less money. Knocking on doors and stopping people in the streets with a flyer might still have their place (it will depend on how you enjoy marketing, and what your business is), but this can be added to cloud-based marketing so that you can control everything that happens from your laptop, or even from a mobile device. 

Webinar: Dell vWorkspace End-Of-Life (EOL) - Parallels RAS offers cost-effective, user-friendly alternative


Dell has decided to discontinue its desktop virtualization product known as vWorkpace.  And Dell will only provide limited support for the product until 2019, as such, vWorkspace users are really now at a crossroad.

Parallels Remote Application Server (RAS) is a great alternative for vWorkpace users who are searching for a new VDI solution. 

Here's your chance to learn more!  Join this Webinar.

WHEN? November 28th, 2018 - 09:30 AM PST

Some of the topics that will be covered in this Webinar include:

1.    How to switch from vWorkspace to Parallels RAS.

2.    Provide access to desktop applications as if they were native apps on mobile devices. 

3.    How easy is the deployment and management of Parallels RAS. Complex administrative tasks are streamlined using auto-configuration wizards, templates and PowerShell API. 

4.    How Parallels RAS is Cloud Ready and fully interoperable with Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS).


Awake Security Uncovers Malicious Intent Across On-Premise, Internet of Things and Cloud Infrastructure

Awake Security today unveiled the Fall release of its Awake Security Platform, an advanced network traffic analysis (NTA) solution designed to help organizations combat sophisticated cyber threats and improve overall visibility.

Awake's exhaustive intelligence is built on 360-degree visibility and a deep understanding of the business entities in the organization-whether those are traditional IT assets, Internet of things (IoT) devices, or cloud workloads. Through analysis of every communication between these entities, Awake's enhanced network detection and response platform better detects mal-intent and attacks that blend in with business-justified activity. This empowers security teams to stop insider attacks, credential abuse, lateral movement, data exfiltration, and more.

"We see a shift in the way security teams go about uncovering threats as their organizations embrace the cloud, IoT, and/or hybrid IT. Only looking for ‘known-bad' is no longer sufficient as it leaves security teams oblivious to advanced, non-malware oriented threats especially once the perimeter has been compromised. Modern security operations centers must focus on using analytics and artificial intelligence on real-time network data to rapidly uncover such threat activity," said Eric Ogren at 451 Research. "Awake's entity-centric NTA approach promises to help eliminate noise and provides security teams with the visibility, detection, and response features required to secure modern enterprise environments."

Igneous Strengthens Integration with Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, and Microsoft Azure

Igneous, a leader in Unstructured Data Management (UDM), announced the immediate availability of enhanced integrations with all three major public cloud storage providers. These enhanced integrations give data-centric organizations the flexibility and control to programmatically move individual datasets and exports to any storage tier in public clouds. In addition, cloud data management operations are handled via the Igneous UDM as-a-Service solution, affording customers lower operational costs.

Customers currently use Igneous' API-based cloud storage integrations for efficient long-term data protection and archive. Moving datasets in and out of public clouds from datacenters at scale, however, can burden enterprise IT departments, which face growing challenges. Igneous' exclusive NAS export control shifts this burden onto the Igneous platform via programmatic, end-to-end unstructured data management as-a-Service, regardless of size of files, density of filesystems, or volume of data offsite for storage cost optimization. Igneous equips customers to automatically replicate backup exports and archive datasets to Microsoft Azure's Hot, Cool, and Archive storage tiers; Google Cloud Platform's Regional, Nearline, and Coldline storage tiers; and Amazon Web Services' S3 Standard, S3 Infrequent Access (IA), and Glacier storage tiers.


Kentik Expands Analytics for Cloud with Extended Visibility into Amazon Web Services

Kentik, the provider of network analytics for the cloud-native world, announced the expansion of its platform to provide integrated agentless cloud visibility into Amazon Web Services (AWS). With Kentik's cloud analytics suite, enterprises and service providers gain control over cloud and hybrid environments, enabling greater performance, security, cloud cost-control, and ultimately, a better experience for customers.

Across leading cloud providers, virtual private cloud (VPC) Flow Logs act as a detailed source of raw data for organizations to see the IP traffic to, from, and within their cloud-hosted applications. However, many of these organizations do not have the modern network analytics needed to derive critical networking insights from this raw data. When an issue or outage occurs, a lack of visibility into a cloud environment can stall availability and result in the loss of revenue, reputation, and customers in an instant. Kentik's added support for AWS Flow Logs help organizations maintain visibility across environments without the deployment of agents or cloud appliances.

"While cloud providers take away the huge overhead of building, maintaining, and upgrading physical infrastructure, network management doesn't disappear after migrating to the cloud. In fact, a majority of organizations find that understanding the network behavior of their cloud-deployed applications is a critical part of ensuring their performance and security ー and directly ties to maintaining revenue and customer experience," said Avi Freedman, co-founder and CEO of Kentik. "Adding support for AWS Flow Logs into our platform is just one more way the Kentik team is working to provide pervasive visibility of network traffic regardless of which infrastructure an organization chooses to host its applications in."


Liquidware Expands Alliances Team as Computing Heads to the Cloud

Liquidware, the leader in adaptive workspace management, announced the appointments of 23-year veteran and three times Microsoft MVP, Robert Corradini, to lead its robust alliances programs as Director of Alliances, and fellow Microsoft MVP, Jeff Pitsch, as Senior Solutions Architect, effective October 2018. These appointments come at a strategic juncture, as the company works to expand its Amazon, Microsoft and Nutanix alliances in order to help organizations navigate the virtual desktop landscape, while continuing to deliver a more enhanced customer experience through its additional longstanding and key alliances with Citrix and VMware.

Corradini was recently responsible for crafting and running Nutanix Ready, a global program to validate third party solutions, that equipped him with a skill set which plays perfectly into the extended work Liquidware is doing with AWS, Microsoft, Google, and Nutanix. A creative, savvy technical engineer, he is skilled in both public and hybrid cloud computing with expertise that moreover spans the design, development and implementation of high-performance technology solutions.

Cloudamize Helps The Instillery Triple the Speed of Migration Planning and Grow Its Cloud Business

The Instillery, a public cloud consulting and managed services company, has leveraged the Cloudamize cloud computing analytics platform to plan cloud migrations three times faster for enterprises moving to Amazon Web Services (AWS). By using Cloudamize's automated analytics for cloud assessment and migration planning, The Instillery can more quickly instill confidence to migrate and get clients to the cloud faster - ultimately helping it increase the growth of its cloud business and provide exceptional client experiences.

Before implementing Cloudamize, attempting to gain full visibility into clients' on-premises infrastructures was painfully time-consuming for both The Instillery and its clients. Accurately and efficiently predicting cost and performance in AWS and identifying the best path to the cloud were major challenges that led to delayed cloud adoption by clients.

Because manual assessment and migration planning cost so much time, taking on new projects was nearly impossible for The Instillery without any extra bandwidth. As a result, the cloud consulting company chose to partner with Cloudamize.