ZTE makes case for link between fog computing and cloud to bolster 5G, IoT

December 13, 2016 Off By Hoofer

Grazed from RCRWireless. Author: Dan Meyer.

In a move to combine what it sees as similar technology attributes, ZTE offered up a support for combining work being conducted in cloud and fog computing. Participating in the International Telecommunications Union’s Eighth CTO meeting in Thailand, the vendor said it analyzed online video, augmented reality, virtual reality, large-scale “internet of things” and other application scenarios in pointing out similar concepts behind fog computing and multi-access edge computing.

Those efforts were said to be placed under a “cloud-fog collaboration” system architecture. ZTE explained that while a solid cloud platform is required to deal with the generation, transmission and processing of massive data, performance and latency requirements for AR and VR in particular will require edge-based platforms…

“If data completely relies on ‘heavyweight cloud computing’ in which customers and servers are far away, bottlenecks will be caused,” the company noted. “Whereas if lightweight fog computing, mobile edge computing or multi-access edge computing redefined by the European Telecommunications Standards Institute are deployed on the edge (IoT gateway and baseband pool) of the network, and the requirements for the fixed/mobile convergence scenario are considered, the load in the upper-layer cloud computing center will be reduced and strong support will be provided for the aforementioned delay-sensitive services.”…

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