Zeus Makes Cloud Balancing And Bursting A Reality

August 1, 2010 Off By David
Grazed from Network Computing.  Author:  Mauri.

Zeus Technology, the only pure software-based application traffic management (Application Delivery Controller) company, today announces the general availability of the Zeus Elastic Application Delivery (ZEAD) platform. The solution enables organizations to deliver fast, secure and available applications across any combination of physical, virtual and cloud infrastructures.

ZEAD platform allows IT professionals to accelerate the speed of their online applications from a cloud environment with tools for hybrid cloud application delivery, cloud bursting and balancing. Zeus is the only vendor offering a complete, fully integrated out-of-the-box application delivery platform operating within a virtualized infrastructure. ZEAD platform includes three key components:
    * Zeus Traffic Manager – the fastest software application delivery controller on the market updated with two new modules – auto-scaling and real-time analytics. Auto-scaling allows IT professionals to add and remove back-end servers automatically for increased performance. Real-time analytics gives instant access to transactions so problems can be fixed quickly and easily.
    * Zeus Multi-Site Manager – provides full management control of configurations and policies for geographically distributed clusters of Zeus Traffic Managers from a single point to manage sites across multiple datacenters in different geographic locations.
    * Zeus Load Balancer – enables the creation of granular traffic management policies to make quick updates to websites according to the changing needs of the business.

"Consumers expect zero latency while shopping online and will likely go elsewhere if their experience is anything but fast and responsive," explains customer Phong Nguyen, VP of Research & Development/Co-Founder, Gilt Groupe. "The Zeus Elastic Application Delivery platform has helped us ensure customer loyalty and retention, while maintaining our strong brand identity. By preventing downtime through Zeus Elastic Application Delivery platform, we’re able to better deliver an excellent user experience, increase revenue and decrease back-end costs. We see Zeus Elastic Application Delivery platform as an integral component to our business and overall growth."

ZEAD platform is available on the widest range of hypervisors including VMware, Xen, KVM and OracleVM. It is also available on most of the leading cloud computing platforms including Amazon EC2, Logicworks, Joyent, Voxel and Rackspace. For more information on the new Zeus Elastic Application Delivery platform, please visit http://www.zeus.com/landing/elastic-application-delivery-platform.html.