Working in the Cloud Makes Life Easy – But Coding Makes It Easier Yet

May 3, 2017 Off By Hoofer
Of late, all we hear about are the many benefits of working in the cloud. We hear that it is cost effective, time efficient, transparent and so many other terms that describe what the cloud is and how we can benefit from cloud computing. All of it true.

However, what we don’t often hear about is the fact that with the advent of PaaS (Platform as a Service) and the integration of other applications into your core platform, there are bound to be some inconsistencies and minor glitches that need to be ironed out before they become major. Working in the cloud has indeed made life easier for the busy professional and businesses all around the globe, but if you know a bit of code, it makes it even easier yet.

From PaaS to iPaaS

Businesses today are really beginning to understand the many benefits of a cloud based ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) platform through which they route most of their business applications. From accessibility to functionality, transparency and beyond, there is nothing like having one central platform that can be accessed, as needed, by everyone in the front and back end of a business.

But when you want to integrate your e-commerce platform such as Salesforce, it’s a whole other ballgame out there.  You are taken from PaaS to iPaaS. There are integrations that are supposed to be ‘code free’ but those are few and far between. Learning a bit of code may help you integrate your sales platform to your resource planning platform but then there are coders out there, hi tech pros at that, who work cheaply and can quickly have your platforms fully integrated within a day or so. It’s amazing what these coders can do today.

When You Dabble in Coding Yourself – Those "Oh No!" Moments

One thing you might want to do before you panic is check out a site like this. Even some fairly knowledgeable IT professionals miss a bit of broken code now and again and sometimes it takes a second set of eyes to spot it. There are now, as mentioned, sites where you can quickly get the help you need and at prices you could only dream of just a year or two ago.

"Oh No!" Moments No More

There is no doubt about it. Coding is not easy and even professionals make an error or two every now and again. But when you deal with people who spend the entirety of their professional life coding (they are coders after all!) you will find that those "Oh No!" moments really aren’t so bad at all. From integrating various applications into your central platform, you can have all the functionality you require within one ‘office in the cloud’ and life that was made easy because of cloud computing has become even easier yet.

Don’t fear coding because help is out there. The basics in any app are always all laid out for you. It’s usually a matter of integrating with code patches and you’re good to go. Now that’s cloud computing at its very best. The easy life made easier.