With Volta, NVIDIA Pushes Harder into the Cloud

May 16, 2017 Off By Hoofer

Grazed from Top500. Author: Michael Feldman.

Amid all the fireworks around the Volta V100 processor at the GPU Technology Conference (GTC) last week, NVIDIA also devoted a good deal of time to their new cloud offering, the NVIDIA GPU Cloud (NGC). With NGC, along with its new Volta offerings, the company is now poised to play both ends of the cloud market: as a hardware provider and as a platform-as-a service provider.

At the heart of NGC is a set of deep learning software stacks that can sit atop NVIDIA GPUs – not just the new Tesla V100, but also the P100, or even the consumer-grade Titan Xp. The stack itself is comprised of popular deep learning frameworks (Caffe, Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit, TensorFlow, Theano and Torch), NVIDIA’s deep learning libraries (cuDNN, NCCL, cuBLAS, and TensorRT), the CUDA drivers, and the OS…

The various stacks are containerized for different environments using NVDocker (a GPU-flavored wrapper for Docker), and those stacks are then collected in a cloud registry…

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