Why Your Business Needs Data Center Virtualization

Why Your Business Needs Data Center Virtualization

July 26, 2021 Off By Hoofer

Virtualization can be an effective solution for storing your organization’s sensitive data. But what exactly is data center virtualization? Essentially, it’s the process of data centers moving from using physical servers to cloud storage.

Before cloud storage solutions, including hybrid cloud storage, data centers used multiple servers to keep up with storage requirements, and organizations often kept email, data, and applications on separate servers. Multiple servers prevented data centers from operating at their full capacities and helped to create inefficiencies in not only data centers but also businesses managing their own data storage.

Learn why your business needs data center virtualizationand how cloud storage is more efficient.

Reduces Operating Costs

Hardware is an expensive factor when you’re storing data. Virtualization allows companies to run multiple operating systems and applications on one server as opposed to several. Being less reliant on hardware will enable organizations to cut expenses; both utility costs and maintenance expenses are lower.

Improve Performance

Cloud storage can make applications run more efficiently, too. As your business grows, so will your data storage. Usually, performance is outside of IT’s control, but with cloud storage, teams can tweak application performance to avoid bottlenecks.

Eliminate Downtime

Server hardware is one of the most common reasons businesses experience downtime and can cost some organizations up to thousands of dollars an hour. You can mitigate downtime expenses by virtualizing data centers. Why is that? Cloud storage has much easier to conduct server maintenance and upgrades.

Climate Control

Fewer servers also mean less heat building up in your data center. Servers overheating can cause significant damage and can potentially cause data losses. With fewer servers to maintain, you’ll better protect your data.

Data Mobility

With remote workforces becoming more prevalent, it is imperative that employees can assess your data from multiple locations. Virtualization allows your employees to run or manage any app or service on any cloud while staying within the parameters of your business policies.

Many benefits are pointing to why your business needs data center virtualization. Are you ready to make the change?