Why The Mac is A Viable alternative to a Windows Laptop

December 11, 2017 Off By Hoofer
Macs. They’re often branded as pricey, premium devices, that lack bang for the buck. While this may be true, Macintosh computers are nothing to be scoffed at – just go to your local Starbucks and have a look at the sheer number of MacBook Airs, and MacBook Pros you’ll see. If you’re anything like me, you will have been intensely annoyed by Microsoft’s constant ads within the operating system. Ads, such as the ad touting that Microsoft edge is faster than Chrome, detract from the overall user experience of Microsoft Windows and make users want to move away. However, there aren’t many options when it comes to moving away – you’re stuck with either Linux or Mac OSX, the former of which is incredibly user unfriendly. Today we’ll be looking at a few of the many reasons why a Mac might be the better choice for your next laptop.

1. It’s a lot Smoother

Windows computers have come a long way. While they were once slow, cumbersome pieces of over-hyped tech, like netbooks, today’s ultrabooks are razor thin slabs of speed. Both thinner than a MacBook air and faster, the HP Spectre is the flagship of HP’s lineup and is a proper premium device. However, the operating system still lets the hardware down. Windows isn’t well optimized for many devices, and as such, most devices that you’ll buy, aside from ones with top-of-the-line specs, will suffer from slowdowns months if not weeks after you buy them. Mac OSX is optimized extremely well for all the devices that Apple sells, so you can be sure that any Macs you’ll buy will be quick and speedy, months, even years after you buy them.

2. A Mac Can Run Most, If Not All of the Same Programs and Web Apps That a Windows Device Can

The number one reason you’d be resistant to buy a Mac or convert to another operating system would be that you’d be missing out on most of the apps that are available for Windows. However, this simply isn’t true. lureofmac.com is a website which shows tutorials on how to download most of the software that you’ll need on a Mac. Many of the apps that consumers and professionals use, such as Microsoft Office and the Adobe Suite, are available for both Mac and Windows users. In addition, most services nowadays are online-based, such as groupspaces.com, a browser-based group service. If all else fails, and you need a specific app, like Microsoft’s XBOX app, you can actually dual boot into Windows with Boot Camp. This means that if you turn on the Mac while holding the option key, you can boot into Windows 10 and work from there. This option isn’t possible on a Windows laptop – you can’t just boot into Mac OSX and Windows interchangeably.


So that concludes this short list of why a Mac is a viable alternative to a Windows laptop. It’s fluidity and flexibility to transform into a Windows laptop as needed make the MacBook line one of the strongest contenders as an all-around laptop – even if it comes at an added cost.