Why Small Businesses Need Cloud Security MORE than Big Businesses

November 14, 2017 Off By Hoofer
Article Written by Avery Phillips

Cyber security is one of the biggest threats to small business we have right now. Of course, big businesses deal with a lot of cyber security threats as well. But the difference is a giant and established business can take a hit from cyber security threats more so than smaller businesses who may not have all of the resources to recover, or the finances. 

The cloud has without a doubt changed the way we store and safeguard our information, but with new opportunities come new threats. Here are some ways that cyber security applies to small businesses and affects them in the most crucial ways, even in the age of the cloud and increased cyber security. And it may be a bigger deal for you small business owners than the corporate giants. 

Why Small Business?

Do you know what a ransomware is? If you don’t, get informed. Ransomware is malware that a hacker installs on your computer to lock it – until you pay them. Basically, it’s holding your information ransom (hence the name). It’s one of the major data security risks that every small business needs to know about

Small businesses do not always have the resources for the fanciest firewalls and security measures, and a lot of times they’re not even worried about them! However, they are commonly the targets, and unfortunately, where something like ransomware or personal information leaks may cost a large company a small hit, the same amount could be detrimental for a small business. In fact, many companies are out of business in 6 months after being hacked!

So not only are small businesses often easier targets, but they have less of a chance to recover. This is when you need to look at two sources of help: cloud security and an inside IT help. 

A Helping Hand

So we have a cloud industry with new possibilities at our fingertips. But it’s always changing, so we may need someone on the inside to work with it on the home front. Having an IT department would be helpful. However, big companies have IT departments because they have money. If you don’t have money, what are you supposed to do? 

First, designate or hire someone in your company to do general IT work. You don’t need a giant IT department like your large competitors, you just need someone on the inside who can help you. And then, using their guidance, find a cloud company who you can also trust and some firewall or other security measures you can take on your home front. 

After you do this, get to work testing out your security measures. 

The New Hacking

There are ways to check how fool proof your cyber security is from hackers, and the best one of these is to hire someone to hack into your system. This isn’t anything new, though it is newly popularized. 

There is worry about whether or not those performing these tests can be trusted, and that is always a risk. For this reason it is recommended to set very specific boundaries for what they can look for and find, and if any personal information is targeted, make sure the holder of such information has given the go-ahead. Additionally, the hacker must give detailed notes from the session hacking you, as well as adding how much time it took to hack your system (if they were successful). 

There is unfortunately no risk-free way to let someone hack into your system but it is recommended to have someone you trust to be ethical to do so. Tread carefully, but it’s probably worth it in the long run. 

Small Business Overhaul

By taking the proper safety measures to protect your business, you are actually doing all small businesses a favor. It’s pretty common for small businesses to lose out to bigger corporations across the board. One success story begets another. 

Your success gives hope and makes it somewhat more plausible for other businesses to have success. While it may not seem like a lot, your success is valuable to our economy and all business owners in your same situation. 

What is your small business experience with cloud safety, hacking, and cyber security? Have you actually been hacked and had to recover? Or have you avoided such a thing with the tools we mentioned? Let us know in the comments!


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