Why Maintaining Your Online Security is Vital to Your Business

November 30, 2017 Off By Hoofer
There is no doubt that threats from cyber attacks are a serious problem for businesses. Companies of all sizes have been the subject of attack, and it can lead to serious problems for customers and clients. Making sure that your companies security is high is important not only to your company as a whole but also for your customer’s confidence. Here are some of the ways you can help to maintain the security of your company.

Consider Online Solutions

One way that you can increase your security is to transfer your systems to the cloud. By having all of your data and personal information off-site, you are protected by another level of security. It doesn’t just work for your business systems; you can also use it for your servers. Instead of having your own server in the office, you can rent dedicated servers from many companies. It means you can essentially treat it as your own server, although you benefit from expert technical support, flexibility as well as heightened security.

Provide Regular Training for Employees

One of the ways that hackers can get into your system is through an employees account. They usually enter via an infected email which allows them to move around your system easily. It is important that you teach your workers the need to be vigilant and that they should not open emails from people they do not recognize. It should also be emphasized how important it is not to leave passwords on their desk, or to give them to anyone else, even a work colleague. By having a more security conscious staff, you can avoid many of the common cyber-attacks.  

Changing Passwords

Although you will tell your staff that they need to change their passwords regularly, in reality, they will probably forget because of all the other work they do. One way to get around this is by making it obligatory to change their passwords every 90 days. That means they won’t be able to log onto their computer without having to change the password. Stipulating the password criteria or teaching them about password creation will also help to eliminate guessable passwords.

Test Your System for Vulnerabilities

Sometimes, despite all your hard work, there could still be holes in your security. One of the only ways you can be sure it to get your system tested. There is software that can do this for you, or you can employ someone to come in and test the system. It is especially important if you are holding a lot of sensitive information about other companies or customers. It is a good idea to have your system evaluated periodically, as new ways of attacking systems are always being developed.

Trying to keep your information secure is a difficult task, and there is the added responsibility of having your customers personal information too. It is vital that all your data and that of your customers is backed-up regularly, that way, if something were to happen, you would still be able to continue with your business.