WHITEPAPER: Cloud Computing Models for Data Warehousing

August 10, 2017 Off By Hoofer

Grazed from Teradata. Author: Editorial Staff.

Cloud computing is creating a new era for IT by providing a set of services that appears to have infinite capacity, immediate deployment and high availability at trivial cost. It’s the result of the evolution of computing and communications technology from a high-value asset to a simple commodity. In that evolution, the focus shifts from the concept of computing as a physical thing in a data center to computing as a service, like electricity, that is accessible from the nearest network connection.

Today most organizations are looking at cloud as a way to lower data center and IT provisioning costs. While cost reduction is a real benefit, there is more value in the increased speed, flexibility and ease of delivery in cloud environments. The only way to gain these advantages is by changing the approach and practices for delivering applications and data…

The real change in IT is a change to how work is done rather than adding a new technology…

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