Webinar: Harnessing Multi-Cloud Disaster Recovery

Webinar: Harnessing Multi-Cloud Disaster Recovery

June 17, 2019 0 By Hoofer

The multi-cloud reality means never before imagined flexibility for recovery, but also the potential for unmanageable complexity. Harnessing the power of multi-cloud for your recovery is essential in order to meet increasingly strict data compliance rules, combat the prevalence of ransomware, and maintain business continuity.  

Managing a multi-cloud environment requires the use of policy-based automation, artificial intelligence and other tools that watch for anomalies in the data infrastructure and help ensure your multi-cloud recovery plan is continually ready.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • How multi-cloud disaster recovery can help you meet multiple RTO and RPO targets with granular recovery
  • Lessons from real world customers involving physical infrastructure disruptions and ransomware outages
  • What omnidirectional cloud recovery means for your overall cloud strategy

WHEN? June 26th, 2019 @ 11AM EDT / 4PM BST