Webinar: 7 Secrets to Becoming a Citrix Hero – Lessons From the Field

Webinar: 7 Secrets to Becoming a Citrix Hero – Lessons From the Field

March 4, 2019 Off By Hoofer

Amidst all the administration, maintenance and troubleshooting chaos in your daily life, as a Citrix admin, don’t you dream of becoming a Citrix hero?

Join this webinar by DJ Eshelman, Citrix Coach, CUGC Leader and a CTA, where he will walk through seven key areas and discuss not only what people are doing wrong, but how they can fix it. You’ll learn over a decade’s worth of mistakes and how you can avoid repeating them. In this session, you’ll learn:

  • The methods and practices of industry professionals that have not only made for users who don’t complain, but have taken vacations with their phones completely off
  • How to take queues from users and data to build environments that run smoothly and efficiently, but more importantly cut down on risks and workarounds
  • How being proactive instead of reactive unlocks a world where you are less stressed and more fulfilled in what you are doing

WHEN?  March 12, 2019 @ 11 am EDT | 10 AM CDT | 8 AM PDT | 3 PM GMT | 4 PM CET

Every Citrix Admin can become a Citrix Hero. By applying these seven lessons, you can spend less time worrying about your next Sev1 outage and more time with your family.

DJ Eshelman is a 20+ year IT Veteran who has focused on Citrix since 2005. He’s worked with Citrix Consulting and several Platinum partners designing and building environments for companies from 20-200,000+ users. A Citrix Technology Advocate and Citrix User Group Leader in Nashville, TN. He is The Citrix Coach and founder of CTXPro.com.