ViON Cloud Experts Address Market as Fears Rise from Recent AWS S3 Outage

March 13, 2017 Off By Hoofer
Grazed from ViON Corporation

ViON Corporation, a market leader in the design, delivery and maintenance of mission critical IT infrastructure solutions, today released new guidance for organizations as they re-evaluate their cloud strategy in light of the widespread AWS outage last week. As a long-term advisor in cloud computing for agencies and commercial enterprises, ViON is sharing the content throughout their network to help customers and non-customers gain stability amid a perfect storm of questions across the market.

“The outage shines a light on the vulnerability that IT managers and c-level executives face in business operations and data management – and we realize what a tremendous responsibility it is to plan for and anticipate all the possibilities,” explained Rob Davies, Executive Vice President of Operations. “We’ve served these leaders for many years and we feel it’s important to continue serving this community with sound advice and information as the stakes rise higher and higher.”


The company has authored new blog ( and other content available on its website ( to help organizations evaluate the cloud landscape and the trades-offs associated with public vs. private cloud as well as the cost implications. Additionally, ViON’s cloud team addresses proper preparedness and redundancy models to help the market avoid disruption. This is the beginning of series of information the company plans to provide to support the market in understand and adopting best practices for cloud architecture.