Using Technology to Make Your Company More Flexible

March 15, 2018 Off By Hoofer
With so many new companies starting and the lines between markets blurring, many established businesses have had to think of new ways to keep themselves relevant. One of the best ways to do that is to try and keep your core business as flexible as possible so you can move and adapt to changes quickly. Technology can help your company become more flexible and able to adapt and even anticipate changes.

Market Research

One of the things which has changed with technology is market research. You no longer need to have people on the high street handing out surveys to get an opinion on your customer’s happiness. You can now tap into their thoughts just be sending them an email or a text message. The proportion of customers that respond might even be higher using these methods, as they can respond when they wish instead of having to stop in the street. It also allows you to get the results of your survey a lot quicker, especially if using an automated survey.

Interaction with Other Companies

The internet has made interacting with other companies a lot easier. It means that you can now assess your competitors just by using the internet which saves you time and money. It also means that you can keep in contact with suppliers and instantly know where your orders are. If you use outside companies for tasks within your business, such as maintenance of your heavy machinery, then you can contact companies such as Kor-Pak to help you repair or service your machines. Some companies such as those that look after your IT can even assist you virtually by connecting to your terminal remotely. It saves call out charges, and it makes remedying the problem a lot quicker. 

Social Media

One of the biggest advantages technology has given to businesses is social media. These platforms give you an instant insight into your customers and your competitors. It means that you can gauge the reaction to a new product or a sale event as soon as it’s launched. It is this type of feedback that you get from social media that can help you stay in touch with current trends. You can also interact with your customers in a way that has never been possible before. It helps them to raise issues with you, and it also allows you to run competitions on a regular basis to gain more followers.

Adapting Your Website

Your website is your online presence and your virtual store for the customers to visit. Because it is so easy to adjust and adapt, it means you can quickly change your lineup or your product prices without the hassle you would get in a real store. It lends itself well to spontaneous sale events or one day only deals that can entice customers.

In many ways, technology has made the business of selling a lot easier. However, it has also allowed for much greater competition. You not only have to deal with local competition but also those from across the world as well.