Use Cloud Services To Make Your Smartphone An E-Wallet

September 18, 2018 Off By Hoofer

Article Written by Sally Perkins

These days, carrying a physical wallet seems almost a thing of the past. As credit card processing systems have improved and the availability of smartphones has broadened, more consumers have done away with physical wallets. Fewer people than ever before choose to carry cash and not very many people use checkbooks.

Most people pay with credit or debit cards for the average transaction. With a few extra steps, you don’t even need to carry the card with you, thanks to the availability of digital storage on the cloud. Setting up an e-wallet can let you pay quickly and conveniently with your mobile device.

Store all of your payment options digitally on the cloud


Using cloud storage services to maintain an electronic wallet, also called an e-wallet or a digital wallet is easier than you think. There are many different apps you can download that can help you manage your finances right from your phone. The chances are good that your credit card company, bank, or credit union offers a proprietary app. There are also free apps that help you budget and track expenses, as well as apps that help organize receipts and unpaid bills.

These banking software programs allow you to go online and quickly access your current financial statements. You no longer have to carry and then store physical receipts and wait until the end of the month to compare them with a printed statement. Instead, you can access your up-to-date financial records on the cloud through the security of your mobile device in seconds, from anywhere.

Your phone is your new payment method

Believe it or not, just as there are ways to have an income using your mobile, there are actually apps now that allow you to pay directly from your phone. Depending on the phone and operating system you use, there are many different digital payment apps available.  You can simply select your payment method of choice and wave your phone over the card processing station. Other systems may produce a secure QR code that the merchant can scan to receive payment.

Not only can you quickly and easily pay without digging out your wallet, but you also have have the added security that comes from not carrying physical cards. That prevents anyone from stealing your cards and using them. It also means that you can verify the balance on your card on the spot before making a purchase, helping you to avoid over-limit fees on credit cards and overdraft charges for your bank account.

Security and convenience while on the go

Whether you are looking for improved financial security, better budgeting options, or faster payment solutions, setting up an e-wallet with cloud-based apps is your best option. Cloud storage means that your active credit and debit card numbers won’t necessarily be accessible through your phone. That protects you from theft if someone else accesses your phone or apps. It also means that you don’t have to physically carry a wallet, which can be very convenient when you have to run quick errands. E-wallets are just one more way that cloud computing has simplified modern life.


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