US Signal and Cloudflare Collaborate for DDoS Protection

September 19, 2018 Off By Hoofer
Written by David Marshall

Today, it was announced that US Signal and Cloudflare have launched a fully managed and customizable distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) protection service to market. 

The new service delivers powerful DDoS mitigation for network, transport and application layers and is backed by a 100 percent SLA. Powered by Cloudflare’s global Anycast network, the service is implemented by US Signal’s information security and provisioning team, with support and customization from its technical operations engineers. 

"US Signal’s new DDoS protection service is ideal for companies looking to update their existing DDoS mitigation strategies or for businesses lacking the manpower or skills to manage these risks internally. It is aimed at all market sectors but is particularly beneficial to high-risk areas such as tech, government, finance and healthcare," said US Signal President Stephen Oyer. "But regardless of the economic sector in which your company operates, Cloudflare’s 15Tbps plus network throughput should offer peace of mind, as it can handle 15 times more traffic than the largest DDoS attack has produced to date." 

US Signal partnered with Cloudflare because of the scale, performance and reliability of Cloudflare’s infrastructure. With over 10 million internet properties on its network, Cloudflare can anticipate and prevent potential DDoS attacks through knowledge sharing and trend analysis. In addition, with over 15Tbps throughput and over 150 data centers in 75 countries, Cloudflare’s network has the resiliency to absorb and dissipate even the largest of DDoS attacks and prevent them from impacting customer websites. 

"We are delighted to be partnering with US Signal and enabling the company to offer our DDoS mitigation solution as a managed service to its customer base," said Chris Merritt, chief revenue officer at Cloudflare. 

With DDoS Protection from US Signal, customers get priority routing and dedicated IP addresses on Cloudflare’s network. Alongside unparalleled DDoS protection, US Signal customers achieve performance improvements through Cloudflare’s existing DNS and content delivery network (CDN) architecture while US Signal engineers can leverage other tools such as code minification and image optimization to further improve performance.

"Our layered security approach has already combined multiple DDoS mitigation capabilities into one solution, and it’s a logical next step for US Signal to package it with expert consulting, advisory and implementation skills – and to sell it alongside its existing managed IT and business continuity services," Merritt continued.

View the DDoS protection data sheet. Also, visit this link for a special offer of ‘first month free with a 12-month contract’ (expires Oct. 31, 2018).


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